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  1. Hello. I've a scene in which I use ArcRotateCamera and also VR is enabled using VRExperienceHelper. The problem is that, when the user enters to VR, VR camera is not looking at the same position that is looking Non-VR Camera and also is further. I've tried to handle onEnteringVR event,but I'm not able to make it work. I've prepared to simple examples to illustrate the problem. In this sample, without moving/rotation the camera, if the user enters in VR, is looking to the sphere, which is OK, but it is further from the sphere, which is not OK. However, in this sample, if the user enters in VR without moving the camera, is looking to the sphere opposite side, and also the position is wrong. Any ideas to help to put the correct position/orientation in the VR camera when entering to VR? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  2. Thanks Amarth2Estel, I still doesn't know why the cloned mesh is not visible but with your help I've been able to find a workaround. Kind Regards.
  3. Hello. I'm having a problem mixing BackFace culling and mesh cloning. I generate meshes from a server code, and because of my coordinate system (which I can't change) the triangles are not property oriented. This is fixed used instances with a negative scaling and this works. At some point, after user action, I clone one of the the meshes which has wrong triangles, and then I apply the same transformation that fixes the orientation for the instanced meshes, but the cloned mesh triangles are not property orientated and thus the cloned mesh is not visible. This code worked for me on Babylon 2.5. This can be checked here : Mesh named 'test' is not visible because triangles are not property orientated -> OK Instanced mesh 'testI' is visible because the scaling fixes the orientation -> OK Cloned Mesh is not visible and I don't know why. If backface culling is disabled, all three meshes are visible. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks!!!! You saved my week, I was desperate to find a solution. Regards.
  5. Hi. I'm trying Babylon VR using an HTC Vive Pro but I'm having problems with teleportation. First of all, teleportation is working find in babylon examples, like this one : but is not working on my real scenario. In my scenario, I generate dynamically a scene on the server, then this scene is loaded using Babylon.Serializer and then, upon user interaction, some meshes are added on the client, for instance a floor, which I try to use as teleportation mesh. However, for some reason, this floor mesh seems invalid for teleportation, and I don't know why. This problem can be reproduced here : I'm able to rotate the scene using the controllers, but the rays never seem to intersect with the floor. Some ideas ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello again. As @Delkatosh suggested, I'm trying to use Unity to export a very simple scene from Unity to Babylon. I've imported to the Unity project an Allegorithmic material, which has a .sbar extension. When the scene is exported, this sbar file is used as the name of the texture to use, for instance: "name" : "wood_elm_japanese.sbsar", But I think those file format encapsulated some different textures inside them , as you can see on the attached image. So the question is. I'm doing something wrong ? or maybe is that those assets are not supported on Babylon exporter. Thanks in advance. Best regards asset.babylon
  7. Hi Gijs, thanks for your answer. If you look inside babylon file you will see that textures are defined as follow; "diffuseTexture": { "name": "", "opacityTexture": { "name": "", The urls which are displayed in the console are converted to lowercase, and it seem that they didn't work for that reason. If you put in the browser the exact url that is on babylon file, they work. Anyway, I upload a new version of the babylon file where the textures point to another server (and I get same results) test.babylon
  8. Hello. I've exported a simple scene which uses textures from 3ds Max 2017. I try to load into sandbox, but the textures aren't loaded. Textures point to public google drive files, so I don't know why can't be loaded. Can someone help ? Thanks in advance test.babylon
  9. I know that this is and old post, but I would like to know the answer for the question Dal made. Specifically, I'm interested to know if there is some way to convert Allegorithmic materials to PBR materials. Thanks in advance.
  10. As @iiceman and @Kesshi pointed, I don't want to choose between pan and zoom, I want both if possible
  11. Hello Luaacro. Tought question I was thinking on moving two fingers together
  12. Hello. Are there any plans to support pan in ArcRotateCamera on mobile devices ? Or the trick mentioned by Deltakosh is the only way to achieve pan? Regards
  13. Thank you very much. As you said, I will have to rethink my strategy.
  14. Hello. I have a scene with some instances, and I would like to renderOverlay only for some of them. However it seems that setting renderOverlay on an InstancedMesh has no effect at all (seems that this value is always obtained from parent mesh). In this sample I set renderOverlay = true on an instancedMesh, and nothing happens. In this sample I set renderOverlay = true on the parent mesh, and renderOverlay = false on an InstancedMesh, but overlay is rendered for all instances. Am I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance. Best Regards.