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  1. add the bg to another group and mask only the tiles group
  2. Hi All , Phaser Developer available for hire , worked on games, educational games, flash to html5 conversions, playable ads and native games (packaged using Cordova) Please PM me for a demo of my works . Thanks
  3. Yeah I'm loading again, on reloading again it fires adnofill event due to rate limit
  4. I was unable to show ads more than One time, due to the rate limit issue. How to fix it
  5. Hi All, I'm a Phaser developer available for hire,( remote, full time, freelancing) , can show the works done on a PM Please PM me if u r in need of a developer Thanks
  6. Add the resource locally to a folder called assets and load it like this.load.image('boat', 'assets/boat.png');
  7. Try adding a image the center of the game using the game centerX,centerY property. if you are using group add it on the top most layer it should be visible clearly. if there is a black box with green line instead of the image, that means the image is not loaded properly and check console for more
  8. May be becuase of the auido played in the update loop if (hitFace){; hitFace = false }
  9., this);, this); yourGamePausedFunc: function () {; }, yourGameResumedFunc: function () {; } you should add key to overrride defaults keyactions this.upKey = game.input.keyboard.addKey(Phaser.Keyboard.UP); try this it worked for me
  10. When you are adding a tileset check the Embed in Map box
  11. Hi All I've been working on a top down endless runner , where the player jumps from one platform to another and should not leave the screen. How to make a platform move horizontally I'm spawning platforms and adding x and y velocity its working but is it a right of doing it ? if not how to make it look better this.initX = this.x; this.body.velocity.y = -200; platform.prototype.update = function () { if (this.moving) { if (this.x > (this.initX + this.width)) { this.speed = -200; } if (this.x < (this.initX)) { this.speed = 200; } this.body.velocity.x = this.speed; }
  12. Hi I have ported a flash box2d game into phaser box2d game It works fine on pc browser and android browser but the performance is very low when it comes to ios Any ideas please, I have been banging my head in these for few days
  13. Hi All, I'M learning Phaser 3 Matter physics. I have a static rectangle body with its angle rotated to make a slope. when i drop a ball from the top its slides in the slope , the ball is not rotating while moving down the slope. (it slides without rotating) kindly help var rectangle = _this.matter.add.rectangle(px, py, w, h, { restitution: 0.9 }); rectangle.isStatic = true Phaser.Physics.Matter.Matter.Body.setAngle(rectangle,a) var ball = _this.matter.add.sprite(320, 10, "ball"); ball.setCircle(); ball.setBounce(1);
  14. Check this\transform\originX.js
  15. its working fine in android only in IOS the frame rate drops
  16. im using the one used in this sample
  17. Hi All, I have been developing a box2D game in Phaser 2, it works fine in the Desktop browsers. When comes to the Mobiles the FPS drops. There are only three sprites in the stage, one static body and a dynamic body. Please kindly help. Thanks, Gideon
  18. Hi All, I have been working on a Simple paint app for kids. I have a problem in implementing the simple brush tool. Im getting small dots and line here there in the screen Unable to draw on free hand movement like a brush. kindly help. playGame.prototype = { preload: function () { }, create: function () { game.stage.backgroundColor = '#222222'; game.input.onDown.add(this.onStageDOwn, this); game.input.onUp.add(this.onStageUP, this); }, onStageUP: function () { game.input.deleteMoveCallback(this.paints, this); }, onStageDOwn: function (pointer, x, y) { graphicsMC =; graphicsMC.lineStyle(2, 0xffd900, 1); graphicsMC.moveTo(pointer.x, pointer.y); game.input.addMoveCallback(this.paints, this); }, paints: function (pointer, x, y) { graphicsMC.lineTo(pointer.x, pointer.y); } };
  19. Hi All, I have been working on a Endless Runner game for mobile and web . Initially i Used TileSprite for the looping background,but it affects the performance on mobile. Then i used the classic method of moving two backgrounds simultaneously. But if i increase the speed of the movement , it gives a gap between two backgrounds. Kindly help me with the logic bgSpeed = 10 update() { mainBg1.y += bgSpeed; mainBg2.y += bgSpeed; if(mainBg1.y >= { mainBg1.y =; } if(mainBg2.y >= { mainBg2.y =; } }
  20. its true and available in the world but its not woking
  21. Did you find any solution, Once i add the emitter to the sprite it stops emitting i consoled it and the count remains 0, If its added to the game it works fine. The above issue was not working from v2.7.6 (working fine till 2.7.5)
  22. Hi All, I have been creating a mobile game using phaser and packaging it using cordova. I need a good video ad plugin for my game. Tried ADMOB, there was a Huge FPS drop while pre-loading the video ad. ( Kindly Suggest me a Good One