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  1. @gryff Hi gryff, thank you very much for explain it to me, now i understand the problem is at the 3D figure.
  2. @Deltakosh Hello Delta, Thank you very much for update my playground, it's solve my two problem but as the other issue about when i drag the 3d, it's not full 3d that got move and dragged but they got separated, is there a way to fix it too...? so when i want to drag its not got separated (full body of batman, penguin or bane) not their legs, head or costum maybe. i give some screentshot about what i mean thanks alot
  3. Hi all, I'm still beginning on learning how to use babylon js, so for now i just playing a little with babylon playground. right now i just make play ground to combine example of using extention .obj loader and function of drag and drop at default babylon playgorund sample. the play ground i make is working (what i mean is the drag & drop is function and the .obj file is loaded) but i found something funny here, how to fix it maybe : - the ground(camera) can't rotate if i not drag and drop any object before - the .obj file why is it so small, is there a way to make it bigger like the example of using .obj loader ? - when i try to drag the 3D object, the object separate like : when i click and drag "bane" i just drag their 3d feet, body, head or cloth differently, not all full body of the 3D object and it looks quite funny to see it I wonder how to fix this. here my playground : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HV0EA thanks alot, wayan
  4. @Kesshi Thank You Mr Kesshi, your playground is exactly what i mean, although i still can't get what you mean by: "add some special handling to make sure that only the camera/viewport which is currently under the mouse will handle the events"
  5. @Kesshi Hi alll, i'm still new in babylonjs, and i see some interesting thing here and i think i need it. Mr kesshi, it's so nice to see your project, i am interested with how you could sync every action in three canvas (perspective, top, front) in one page html. is there some simple playground example maybe how to sync every action in more than one canvas like in the picture you show above ? what i mean is, if you do some event(like rotate) of some object(chair) at "top" section, the other two section(perspective & front) will change too (chair at perspective & front section rotate too) thanks a lot, wayan
  6. @iiceman wow, it's great, exactly what i mean, i will start with the playground you give me thank you iiceman,
  7. Hi All, I just found this framework babylon.js and see some example at babylon playground, i have been wondering is there some example how to insert new mesh at canvas with onclick button html ? what i mean is : when i click button, there will be new mesh (box) appear and it will always insert new mesh(box) every time i click the button thanks alot, wayan