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    Programming in JavaScropt , pythom , c++ , c , nodejs

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General : Object-Oriented & Procedurally Programming

-JavaScript advanced (opengles 1.1/2.0/3.0-webGL2,websockets,2dcanvas,real-time app/multiplayer games with full response for all modern desktop or mobile browsers)
From scratch with or without frameworks.JQ,http request,100% response or fixing specific response bugs.Xml,json,glmatrix,three.js.Pure JavaScript Motion capture (make your site interactive without mouse,AR just use hand in the air,videoChat on mobile web),made custom script. cannon.js ,drag,multiTouchHandler,canvas effect,porting on android /ios without plugins). sip.js , kurento, nextjs , reactjs , typescript.
-ObjectiveC,Swift3(Xcode-openglesx.x-basic knowledge,html/xmlparse,soap,2dcanvas native android no web!Micro draw-2d games,animations with standard UI)
-Network TCP/IP(client/server c#/VBA, websockets node.js, typescript)
-VisualBasic&VisualC#windows desktop app (not asp and web)
-windows API
-Unity3d js/c# script solid knowledge
-Ue 4.x blueprint solid
-Blender -beginner
-Android -solid (native canvas2d,opengles,UI,sockets)
C++ beginner -Emscripten/Porting c++ app to the web
Leaderboard Artificial Intelligence practice -all done in c++(practice c++). Generate images for you website. Single player 2d platformer multi platform Video chat
Visual-js 2dpart
Experience in casino games (25 diff type) 2d/3d online,sexy games,3d anatomy,recycling large complex projects,linphone client mobile app.
Building&Running:Setup=>freeSwitch,PJSIP,linphone clients
worked:anatronica project
Full duplex conn 2d/3d graphics
Diametric response/Device response
I prefer working from home. As a programmer or consultant