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  1. Hi I want to draw a mesh to the stencil buffer, like this: and clear the buffer on each frame. For some reason the buffer remains. Anyone has an idea why? Cheers
  2. Hi guys, one more on the topic - can I use 2d mask like this but prevent the higher ground from rendering above the mask?
  3. Hi guys, quick update for anyone interested in this. Problem was in the way I created the Path2 for the PolygonMeshBuilder -> Previously, I added the points of the polygon, using Path2.addLineTo(x,y). Once I switched to Polygon.Parse, as in demo playground it all worked out. Thanks
  4. Hi @Wingnut. I've setup some actions on top of your playground - it works perfectly... Maybe there's something wrong with my polygons... I'll investigate and update you further. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have some meshes, created with PolygonMeshBuilder. They're not overlapping, but their bounding boxes are as you can see in the attached screenshot. I want to achieve pixel perfect picking for those. Using scene.pick without fastcheck for some reason still picks those meshes by bounding box. (In the attached screenshot - the green mesh is getting picked instead of the purple one) Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Hey - that's exactly what I needed! Thanks!!!
  7. Hi! I'm looking at ArcRotateCameraInputsManager - the input responsible for the pointer - ArcRotateCameraPointersInput seems not to handle the pointer lock case. I couldn't find the code that controls the camera when in pointer lock. In other words - if I want to build have custom controls when in pointer lock, what should I do? Cheers
  8. Hi, which is the active camera input during pointer lock for the arc rotate camera? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys! Recently I converted my .png textures to .dds using nvcompress and dxt1 as compression (don't need the alpha). For some reason the textures came out flipped on the horizontal axis. Setting the texture uAng property to PI fixes the issue, but I'm wondering where did I go wrong...? Cheers
  10. Hi, I need more rendering groups, is it possible? Cheers
  11. Hi, indeed - i was using version 2.3.. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'm trying to customize the camera inputs, but camera.inputs property is undefined. I am using the ArcRotateCamera, nothing custom. Anyone had this issue before? Suggestions? Cheers
  13. Well, I'm not using the LOD system in the usual manner I want each of the meshes to be visible only within a fixed distance range. Sure there is a better way than using the LOD - right now I'm kind of abusing it... But hey - turns out that disabling the frustum fixes my problem! Now I don't want to completely disable the culling... Tried adjusting camera minZ and maxZ, but it doesn't seem to affect this issue. Is there a way to extend the frustum planes?
  14. Well.. My intention was to use empty meshes as containers for the LOD mesh. None of the containers should have the level 0, except the last one... I want each LOD mesh to be visible only in a fixed range. What I care really about are those LOD meshes on the border of the viewport. In the attached screenshot - the purple-black highlighted tile is further away from the camera than the one in red. And the red is not rendered. Its really noticeable in the playground - when you zoom a bit and have the objects at the edge of the viewport. Then a slight rotation of the camera makes them appear and disappear - same as the jarred edges of the attached screenshot. Cheers