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  1. Hi guys i added a few more levels. I think I actually finished a game .
  2. Hi can you make a tutorial to make a game similar to your last uploaded video. I would like to know how you were able to make the game mechanics. Thanks
  3. Hello, Thank you Rich . I'm so glad. This is my first game that I want to finish. And Phaser is such a good framework that also helped me understand programming hehe. Thank you so much for your comment Rich. Hi Umz, Thank you, really appreciate that. Yup going to keep adding more levels to improve the game, this is my first game and excited, will definitly be making more levels, no sleep for me LOL Zombie Mode.
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to share a game i'm working on. I have been learning phaser for the past couple months since April actually and started with very minimal programming knowledge. But with the help of the phaser community I was able to make something hehe . Link to the game http://islandbodybuilding.com/wp-content/kb_games/WIP_ANIMAL_CHELU/ I am creating the game for more of educational purpose for the kids here on Guam, to help learn our language which is Chamorro. . I am asking for your recommendations or what you think so far. All are welcome to advise. -Thank You
  5. Hey guys thanks for all your help. I think I figured it out.
  6. is the audio decoding due to how i coded my app? Or is there a setting in cocoon that I may have missed before compiling? Sorry I'm such a noob
  7. @fatalist hi i took your advice and used webview+ and that made the app work (i used bluestacks to run the apk) but i noticed that there is no audio and the tilesprite stopped working . Instead of using Phaser.tileSprite I just used a normal image. But im having trouble making the audio to work. I'm using mp3 and ogg files for my audio. Any help? Thank You
  8. hi Thank you for your reply. After reviewing I had discovered most of the phones was android version 4.0 that wan't able to get it to work and the phones that were able to run was on android version 5.0 or greater. Is there any way to make older versions run the app? Also how do i go about remote debugging? This is something i haven't learned about yet. Also i haven't used any native plugins. I'm very new to phaser and programming in general so i'm not sure what that is. Here is a link of the app that works on the browser http://islandbodybuilding.com/wp-content/game/ibbsirena/
  9. Hello I was wondering if anyone can help. I'm learning Phaser and javascript and I have finally finished a project. I have made a story book app and was able to publish it in the google play store with cocoon here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sirenaStory.c1467975884137. It works fine on my samsung galaxy tab 3. And on one of my friend's phone. Although a few of my friends was not able to even launch the app to get to the main menu and was stuck on the preloading bar. I have uploaded a screen shot. I also used cordova and have sent them the apk file and they had
  10. Thank you so much for your help really appreciate your assistance. I am still new and learning , but I'm glad that this is a good place I can get help when I get stuck.
  11. hi ok thank you. So what i should do is add a win state? then add an event listener to increment current Level and then reload the game state? Please let me know if this is the approach i should take. Thank you
  12. Hi, if anyone can help me. I'm learning Phaser and I'm trying to attempt to start and finish a game. I'm trying to load the next level after an enemy sprite is dead and after i have shown a tween. So far I have no luck. Here is the code I have so far. Please advise. Thank you guys. var fireballMatching = fireballMatching || {}; fireballMatching.Game = { init:function(currentLevel){ this.currentLevel = currentLevel || 0; this.map =[ { buttons:[{x:100,y:300,key:"pig"},{x:300,y:300,key:"parrot"}],
  13. hello, actually no errors. But I was able to get it to work by doing the following code. But now I ended up having trouble to loop through the "enemyPosition" to be added to the game. I tried forEach loop and had an error. Any advice var levelData=[ { playerPosition:{x:200,y:20}, enemyPosition:[{x:100,y:20},{x:150,y:100}] }, { playerPosition:{x:100,y:200}, enemyPosition:[{x:200,y:20},{x:300,y:100}] }, { playerPosition:{x:150,y:100},
  14. Hello I'm practicing how to load sprite positions from a levelData variable, I'm trying to figure out how to change the position of a sprite with a click. And i'm having trouble figuring it out. The position is not being updated. Please help. Thank you var gameState = { init:function(){ this.currentLevel=0; }, preload:function(){ game.load.image("pokeball","Pokeball.PNG"); }, create:function(){ console.log("in create method"); levelData=[ { playerPosition:{x:200,y:20} }, {
  15. Hi So sorry im new to phaser and programming in general. How should a simple loadLevel method be like? I'm learning phaser through a online video tutorial and i happened to just use a load next level code from there. Thank you.
  16. Wow, very interesting I would love to take this course. I really like the Phaser framework. Everything you said about it being like a puzzle is how i see it hehe. I have a hard time pieceing things together. Let me know when the course it ready. Thank you
  17. Hello if anybody can help. I'm trying to load my game to the next level and I read that its better to use a json object instead of having many level states. I'm still learning programming and I'm having a hard time to get it to work. Thank you guys in advanced init:function(currentLevel){ //level data this.numLevels = 3; this.currentLevel = currentLevel ? currentLevel : 1; console.log("Current level " + this.currentLevel); this.won = false; }, loadLevel:function(){ this.levelData = { "playerPositions":[ { "key":"panda",x:
  18. Thank you so much. That worked.
  19. Hello I'm new to phaser and would like to ask for help. I am trying to make a matching game. Where if its not a match the sprite would reset to its position,disable drag and after 1 second to enable drag again. I used a timer and was getting this error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined. update:function(){ this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(this.playerGroup,this.imageGroup,this.checkCorrect,null,this); }, checkCorrect:function(player,sprites){ if(player.customParams==sprites.customParams){ player.inputEnabled=false; player.kill();
  20. Oh ok, so using kill is to be more efficient basically. Here is the prefab i used for bullets. Still learning Phaser and programming in general hehe so i hope my code is understandable ZPlat = ZPlat || {}; ZPlat.Bullet = function(game,x,y,direction,speed){ Phaser.Sprite.call(this,game,x,y,"bullet"); this.game.physics.enable(this,Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); this.xSpeed = direction * speed; this.x=x; //this.game=game; this.y=y; this.direction=direction; this.speed=speed; }; ZPlat.Bullet.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype); ZPlat.Bullet.prototype.constructor = ZPlat.Bullet
  21. I did use the newer version but i got an error in the first screen shot. So i switched it back to version i was using and used enemy.kill() instead. That seemed to work but i found another bug where it would shoot bullets in both directions here is my current code shootBullet:function(){ var getDeadBullet = this.bullets.getFirstDead(); if(getDeadBullet){ //bring it back to life getDeadBullet.reset(this.player.x +10,this.player.y+10); } if(this.bullets.length<5){ var bullet = new ZPlat.Bullet(this.game,this.player.x + 10,this.player.y+
  22. Hello if anyone can help me with my code. I'm trying to make a platformer game to learn phaser. Whenever a bullet hits an enemy in my game I get this error phaser.js:62544 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'right' of null i think this is the code that is causing the problem but I'm having trouble fixing it. //This code is inside the update method this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(this.bullets,this.enemies,this.killBulletOverlapEnemy,null,this); this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(this.bullets,this.collisionLayer,this.killBulletOverlapCollision,null,this); this.bullets.se
  23. ok so i was able to get help and was advised to use a tween i was able to use something like this var enemyTween = this.game.add.tween(this.enemies).to({ x: this.game.width / 2 + 50 }, 4000, "Linear", true, 0, -1); enemyTween.yoyo(true); Are there any other ways to make an enemy move around back and forth this way without a tween?
  24. Hello if anybody can help me I would like to know how to make an enemy within a group move back and forth a certain amount of steps. Also the enemy will only move if there is nothing blocking its way. This is what I have so far I have put this code in the update method and so far the enemies just fly off the screen to the right. Thank you guys in advance. this.steps=0; this.enemies.forEachAlive(function(element){ if(element.body.blocked.left==false && this.steps<=20 && element.body.blocked.right==false){ this.steps++; consol
  25. Hello I was hoping someone can help me. In my code I was able to generate a random number of enemies (randomEnemyNumber) from 1-4 with the number of enemies set to 0 and incrementing by 1 within a timer and its inside the update function. I wanted to kill off the enemies when the the random amount of enemies (randomEnemyNumber) generated equals to the number of enemies on screen. But i noticed randomEnemyNumber will update and the current number of enemies will keep incrementing and will not equal. Below is my current code that i have to try and fix it, but I wanted to ask if there is a better
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