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  1. Thank you guys, that is all very helpful. I think I'll try going the nodejs + route instead.
  2. So nodejs backend is all the hype, huh? How much control does that give you? Can you setup timers that control npc's and stuff like that? Does it scale well? Also, it seems like both solutions only do websockets (from what I could find), are you not at all worried about clients who doesn't support that?
  3. This looks really good. Can you elaborate a bit on how you account for lag? How often do you actually send player positions back and forth? Also, how do you load your level? Do you load the whole level at once, or do you partially load the areas the player sees?
  4. Hi all, I've made a couple of small shitty games, with phaser. I'm really enjoying how fast you can get something up and running, and see actual progress. Now, I'm currently working on a multiplayer game and I'm a bit curious how others are handling this. Personally, I've decided to use Microsofts SignalR, mostly because I already have some experience with that from work, but also because it will fallback to "crappier" transport methods, if websockets are not available. What are you guys doing, to enable multiplay or server-run logic?