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  1. Hi they are square objects. Just used tweens.
  2. Hi All, I just released my new game Blassty. It is really fun and addictive puzzle game. I made the game using Phaser Game Framework and wrapped into apk using Cocoon. It is totally free. No ads or something. Gameplay: You need to connect at least 3 blocks to pop them up in 4x4 grid. I hope you enjoy Blassty Google Play Link:
  3. Hi All, I have just released my new game Tap-Jet on Play Store. Tap-Jet is a simple addictive game with easy gameplay. I used Phaser Game Framework with p2 physics engine and wrapped into Android game using Cocoon. Google Play Link: I hope you will like Tap-Jet!
  4. Hi All, I have just uploaded my new game Quick Pinball. It is classic pinball game. I used Phaser P2 Physics and Cocoon for wrapper. Here is the link: I hope you like the game
  5. Hi All, I have uploaded my new puzzle game Neighbor Numbers to Google Play Store. I developed the game using Phaser Framework and wrapped into android app using Crosswalk. It is a unique puzzle game. All numbered blocks need to have neighbors as many as its neighbor count. The number on a block represents its neighbor count. The neighbor blocks should be up, down, left or right to the block, not diagonal. You must connect all block using this neighbor rule. Google Play Link: I hope you will like it.
  6. Hi rich, JesusJoseph asked the question for upcoming Phaser version 3. But I want to ask this question for Phaser's current releases. So, Can I use Phaser (Ver. 2.6.2 for now) for commercial projects on App Store and Google Play Store? Cheers.
  7. Hi All, I have released my new game Gravity Swipe. Here: Gravity Swipe Gameplay is simple, swipe to change gravity direction to move the ball and collect green feeds and avoid from red stars. I am waiting for your reviews. Thanks. Screenshots:
  8. Hi All, I have made a simple OCR engine with Javascript. I used Phaser Framework for drawing canvas. You need to draw at once. When you mouseup, the algorithm begins to recognize the number that you draw. The algorithm is for only numbers. Other characters can be added. The resolution is configured for mobile devices (360x640). For best results, you should change the browser's resolution into mobile resolution. There is github repository for OCR project: I hope you will like this..
  9. Hi @Mike018 I have tried your game, and it seems very nice to me. I like it. Also the animations are very smooth. How did you handle these trembling animations when state changing?
  10. Thank you @Mike018 I am open for your reviews.
  11. Hi totallybueno, Thanks for your review I am considering to add level system to the game. It will be slow and then fast levels
  12. Hey All, This is my new game Arrow Way. I made it with Phaser and I hope you will like it! Google Play Link: Cheers.
  13. Muss52

    Arrow Way

    Hey All, Here is my new game Arrow Way. I made it using Phaser and You need to follow the arrows that come from up to down forever to get the highest score. I am waiting your reviews about the game. Google Play Link: Cheers.
  14. Hey All, I upgraded my game from Phaser 2.4.6 to Phaser 2.4.7 and the randomly FPS dropping problem seems to be solved. I think the problem was Phaser 2.4.6 performance. Cheers.