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  1. Still trying to figure this out. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Looks like that Raining Chain game has a lot of relevant tutorials, too. Checking them out now. http://rainingchain.com/tutorial/nodejs
  3. I actually just started Phaser recently too, using that same boilerplate repo. I used this repo as the template for getting multiplayer working: https://github.com/xicombd/phaser-multiplayer-game It was actually surprisingly easy to get working. Just run the server he has, and take the pieces from his client example (such as the event handlers and connecting to the server via socket.io) and stick them where appropriate in your own client. Then you can modify the events sent/received as needed for your game. I am lucky in that the game I'm working on is tile based, and the user can on
  4. For my own selfish purposes it'd be helpful to have "infinite" tilemaps and performance improvements on tilemap rendering. If not exactly infinite, then some API that allows a player to transition from one tilemap to an adjacent one as they approach an edge.
  5. This might be off topic, but the JavaScript used on the mightyfingers.com website to modify scrolling behavior is horrendously annoying and makes the scroll wheel unusable. Hijacking a user's scrolling is a bad bad idea.
  6. I've spent several hours going through the API, the phaser.js code itself, and Googling as much as possible but I have not been able to find a clear answer: can the X or Y value of a tile be negative? For example, doing Doesn't seem to work. The rest of the tilemap (using positive coordinates) is displaying, but this negative one is not. I cannot tell if this is because Tilemaps ignore negative coordinate tiles, or if there is some aspect of the camera, stage, world bounds, camera bounds, that I am not aware of preventing it from rendering. I've tried changing the position of
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