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  1. riho

    Phaser + nodejs + MQTT

    Thank you drhayes for your advices. Moreover I have several solution to test I'll keep you posted as soon as I manage to make it work. I'll follow your recommendation by starting with SSE
  2. Hi everyone, i'm developing my first game with Phaser and i'm having some issues. I'm also using NodeJS for the web server part and MQTT for gathering messages sent by physical sensors activated when the players make a move. The video game part is a kind of running between several characters. Each character moves a few pixels when a message sent via the MQTT protocol is received on the NodeJS side. To make the character to move I have to catch an information (message received) coming from the NodeJS side. For simplifying the question, how do I do to get on the Phaser front side variables that are defined on NodeJS Thanks a lot for your help