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  1. Seems pretty straightforward. Are you still looking?
  2. Can you please stop bumping this thread? This section is for people offering work - you should be posting this in Services Offered, otherwise, the title looks like you're looking to hire a pixel artist.
  3. There you go, the solution to your money question is just grind it out. Build a portfolio and things should get better.
  4. Can you please keep your bumping to your services offered thread? Double bumping is pretty spammy and "Hiring and Freelance" should be kept to offering work.
  5. Yeah I tend to try and help other devs mostly, so only really follow them to see what I can support via my feed.
  6. Game dev experience re: Twitter, made a couple random Twitter friends, but TBH I don't think it's all that worthwhile. It's a good way to feel productive when you're not, but I wouldn't really recommend sinking too much *productive* time into it. I'll share some stats and you can make up your own mind: Followers: 16.2K, for 26 tweets this month, they've made 38.4K impressions and I've had 4K profile visits after following roughly 800 new indiedev accounts (I only follow devs). Our free game that's been pinned for over 6 months has only seen 50-100 downloads, and I don't know how many
  7. @ArcticArcade. Also, what kind of suggestions are you looking for re: other accounts specifically?
  8. We've been accepted, not sure what to expect as of yet money wise though.
  9. +1. Commercial also can force you to make choices you wouldn't have necessarily made, and can be stressful when it doesn't go to plan.
  10. We're working on some Unity stuff, but it just seems weird to me that there's no real clear monetization method for games here. I can make a pretty polished decent puzzler, but have no idea how to make money out of it :S
  11. Yeahhh, only real player that was paying any real money left that we knew of too
  12. My big client went for a change of direction, so without a clear monetization plan, so did I. Did some HTML5 stuff, but much more Unity.
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