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  1. That was quite a strange way to start the game, I'd recommend just a simple simple way to get into the game. Then it froze the second it started.. Animation couldn't setCurrentFrame in GameScene.create "cannot read property 'frame' of undefined
  2. This is a great game, really love the two mouse feature. I'd add a few souls to take at the end of each level or a soul to collect during each level or something like that. Really like this game!
  3. It's nice, but not much to do. Maybe add an indicator on the bar of where to press to hit the targets. would be a big help. Or move the indicator to the centre of the screen so it's more intuitive knowing where to aim
  4. Brilliant effects. Nice and simple game to get into, I like the sound effects, they're really well chosen.
  5. No idea what the objective is, but I love popping those green balloons. Highly satisfying activity.
  6. Could not figure out how to attack, and died twice just going from the first question mark to the second..
  7. Up to the bridge. Just couldn't double jump my way passed it.
  8. Umz

    Bouncy Jump (3d)

    Game is good. Add enter or space bar to restart the game so I don't need to touch the mouse again.
  9. Not exactly sure of what the rules are but I love the physics, game is really fun to play.
  10. This game is great, well made, fun and educational. ๐Ÿคฉvery much enjoyed!
  11. Nice simple game. Pressing enter doesn't seem to restart the game though.
  12. Really good, impressive. Made without any libraries too, must have taken a while to build the base! Really clean movement and animations are spectacular.
  13. Brilliant game! Love the sound effect when he falls onto the spikes. Really get a feeling for the pain haha ๐Ÿ˜
  14. In case anyone else needs this in Phaser 3, web link doesn't work for me ๐Ÿ˜Œ had to actually do some figuring out for once: // MUST interpolate with Phaser.Display.Colour objects let c1 = Phaser.Display.Color.HexStringToColor('#ffffff'); // From no tint let c2 = Phaser.Display.Color.HexStringToColor('#ff0000'); // To RED this.tweenStep = 0; let tween = this.scene.tweens.add({ targets: this, tweenStep: 100, onUpdate: ()=>{ let col = Phaser.Display.Color.Interpolate.ColorWithColor(c1, c2, 100, this.tweenStep); let colourInt = Phaser.Display.Color.GetColor(col.r, col.g, col.b); sprite.setTint(colourInt); }, duration: time, yoyo: true // Return to first tint }); Tweens to C2 and then YoYo back to C1.
  15. Work of art just like the last one. Nothing but impressed with this!
  16. Umz

    Mini Switcher

    Nice and simple, and short. Great little game here. You should implement the Kongregate achievement for completing the game, ha, I was expecting that.
  17. Not sure if I became a zombie or not, but all my health disappeared and I was walking slowly? Really fun though, my team were awesome!
  18. Fun game, good concept. It's definitely easier on mobile!
  19. Nice, Fresh approach. The physics really feel good in this.. the ball feels heavy and the sounds go really well with it.
  20. Really enjoyed this. It can be really intense with just enough time to make it out, and if the timer made beeping sounds every 10 seconds or something like that. Also, if there were dangers inside the maze. Agree about the colours though, they are not easy on the eyes at all. Great work though.
  21. It's simple and fun. Add a way to restart with enter or spacebar too instead of going back to the mouse.
  22. Played all the way to the MAX, nice game!
  23. This was really good.. I like the humour in the story and a nice different ending.
  24. It's quite fast paced and difficult to understand what's going on. From the way the screen moves, to the characters jumping square to square instead of smooth tweening, it just doesn't tell me enough about what's going on.