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  1. Hi, very cool idea. Don't forget to put a link once you publish your video. I think that it would be great if the code is made with typescript and source code is available somewhere.
  2. Thanks Pryme8, now I give myself a time to understand what you did Also thanks for well commented code.
  3. Thanks jerome, arc parameter is excactly what I was looking for. I played with tessellation, which was not working for me.
  4. Thanks, Pryme8 I even thought about exporting object with a 1% slice from blender (and then rotate instances), to omit these math calculations. As I understand you think about something similar to this one: but with correct calculations.
  5. Hi, I would like to create a dynamic pie chart. Let's say something like this What would be the best approach? In the outcome I would like to receive separate meshes to be able to select one of them, add animation, change material and so on. I tried with csg with a cone made of cylinder but I would like to switch to something simpler.
  6. Matt, I've seen you are using mhx2 in your export. I was doing the same in my pipeline. I don't know what is the purpose for what you are building but what you build according to the license you must make publicly available through AGPL3 open source license (which is evil license in my opinion). In blender when you try to import mhx2 format you can see license set to: AGPL3 I pesonaly changed to use MakeHuman v 1.0.2 and mhx export. Here is a post where the guy, responsible for the license answered me questions about it: Some license explanations: Thomas (the guy who created mhx2 exporter, and mhx by the way) answered me here if it is possible to change the license:
  7. Thank you gryff, this time it worked for me.
  8. I'm prety sure it was this one: and here is my mhx2 file:
  9. I exported it here but then I decided to reinstall blender. It had a problem with arm After reinstalling blender I exported your file, played it and it looked ok. I'm still struggling with importing my own object. My current attempt is here: Could you please upload mhx2 and bvh files (musn't of course be these ones- any working for you)?
  10. Thank you, these files are valuable for me and I will treat them as referrence now. Looks like something is wrong with my Blender installation. I use 2.77 version. I'm now uninstalling it and I will then downgrade to 2.76b and see if there is any improvement. I tried just to export your file (MH 1.1 Export), but it doesn't display 100% correctly. You are using Exporter in the same version, same blend file so it must be some blender issue.
  11. Thaks gryff for quick reply. Actually I don't need to use latest MakeHuman version. I just want to start with preparing a blender human (skeleton) animation that is prepared for babylon exporter. I've seen somewhere on the forum your links to a basketball player and dancing woman. They look great. Could you please upload somewhere ANY example (blend file) with such animation? I'm really interested if you get into similar problems. Maybe it is something wrong with my blender configuration. Thanks, Alek
  12. I made a model in MakeHuman (with very low poly, 31 bones) and exported it with mhx2. I then imported the model to blender. The exported model with this configuration was exported with Blender exporter v. 4.5. I then loaded it with BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh function to my scene and it looked fine. Then with MakeWalk i attached bvh file and created simple animation. The animation looks fine in blender. I exported it again with Blender exporter v.4.5 and tried to play animation but I can't see my mesh. I think I applied all advices found in other topics (material alpha, texture transparency, MakeHuman settings). I copied my blend file and export result here: Could anyone help me to figure out where the problem is?
  13. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank You!
  14. In some situations I want to get very close to the object to see the detail. The problem is, when I get to the object to close (let's asume less than 0.5) the object disappears. Take a look at this example: and try to navigate to the sphere with forward arrow. Example show sphere with 0.01 size, but I wan't to be able to get to a smaller sizes to. Please help me find a good solution for this. I want to avoid projection in this situation.