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  1. I do have a game project made in PIXIJS HTML5. Currently I'm using Canvas+ View for rendering. However It does have some bugs in old devices using PIXI 4.3 WebGL with Canvas+. Is there another HTML5 accelerated Canvas good for games like one? Thanks
  2. thanks. Unfortunately the dev branch still have some issues. I will wait for a little bit until next release.
  3. I'm trying to investigate what could cause this issue. All Cocoon Canvas+ GL capabilities seems to be ok. I don't know how to begin. Please anyone help me!.
  4. The new version 4.3.1 does not fix the issue. I'm really wondering if is possible to disable this multi texture batching
  5. I would like to know if is possible to disable the multi texture batching in a PIXI V4 game. Recently i jus update my game PIXI lib from version 3 to 4.2. I`m using cocoon Canvas + . It seems perfect on iOS and android version greater than 5. In a old phone the texture batching is messing with the textures. Please. Is possible to disable it. I already tried PIXI["settings"].SPRITE_MAX_TEXTURES = 1; PIXI["settings"].SPRITE_BATCH_SIZE = 1024; without success
  6. I'm wondering if there is any news for adding 2x or 4x graphics on Phaser Game.
  7. Thanks, I solved adding this simple patch. PIXI.DisplayObject.prototype.update = function () { }; PIXI.DisplayObject.prototype.postUpdate = function () { }; this patch adds a empty function for "update" and "postUpdate" methods in PIXI displayObjects prototype. In that case Phaser update tree founds a function to execute.
  8. this does not works. I understand that Phaser.Group extends the current PIXI.Container. However my old project is a PIXI one. I would like to make this work with Phaser. var game = new Phaser.Game(500, 600, Phaser.AUTO, "divId", { create: created })//, preload: preload, update: update, render:render }); function created() { var screenContainer = var otherContainer = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer(); // it MUST be a PIXI object, not a Phaser one. screenContainer.addChild(otherContainer) } this simple does not works.
  9. How add a PIXI container into a Phaser Game? I have a game made ONLY with PIXI. but now i would like to port it to a Phaser. All my game content happens inside a pixi container "screenContainer". I tried to add a pixi container like this. var created = function() { screenContainer = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer(); var sprite =; } = new Phaser.Game(gameWidth, gameHeight, Phaser.AUTO, "divId", { create: created }); but it stops here "phaser.js" line 33067 /** * The core update - as called by World. * @method Phaser.Group#update * @protected */ Phaser.Group.prototype.update = function () { var i = this.children.length; while (i--) { this.children[i].update(); // UPDATE IS UNDEFINED } }; because Pixi.Container, does not have "update" method. Is there any other way to add a pixi container inside a phaser game? thanks