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  1. So, I am trying to make a room, lit up with some lights. I use blender v2.77a on GNU/linux, blenderexporter 4.4.4 and I am testing the result in the babylonJS sandbox online. l the walls have the same purple material, the floor has a gray material and the two boxes have a red solid material. The light is a spot light, under a certain angle, and a larger size, the light values are otherwise unchanged from default. You can see the the issue in the attached files, the babylonresult.jpg looks crazy compared to what blender "previews". The middle wall is lit on both sides, even though the light is on one side only, there are no shadows, the rightmost wall is not lit at all and the light on the floor seems constant, regardless of distance from source. Can someone please point me into a direction where I can learn of my wrongdoings? The .blend, .babylon and the log are also attached. Thank you in advance! Borut ctest.blend ctest.babylon ctest.log