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  1. I'm new to using Pixi.js and was looking for some tutorials. Was a great starting point and helped me figure out how to run things in conjunction with React. Specifically I'm trying to create a static sized play space that I can zoom in and out and moved around. Seems like the PIXI.WebGLRenderer(x,y) will set the canvas size and stage.width / height will set the size of the base container and then I can use stage.scale.x / y to zoom in and out but when I resize the window It stretches and compresses the sprites inside the container instead of keeping regular image ratio. In truth thats just the start of what I've got to get done and I'm sure I'll fix the problem before this gets a response. Sooo, I was hoping people could point me at some larger more complex game examples. I tend to pick things up quicker when I can play with an existing code base. Thanks for any help. PS. Wouldn't happen to be a slack or discord channel aimed at Pixi.js development?