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  1. I'm not confortable with github. Ok thanks for the tip;
  2. Ok thanks for your reply Ivan. I'm stuck with generateTexture conversion part. There is something I don't understand with the addChild Here is my sprite version with "TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'child.parent')"
  3. Hi pixy people, My challenge is to optimize in term of speed the following plot: My plot is a mix of D3 and pixi. Because SVG (D3.js) is very very very greedy for the browser when you have a lot of points to plot, I used pixi with the hope to improve the performance. The final version of my plot will contain colors and a html5 slider to change these colors. The source of data is a big JSON with possibly up to 300 000 rows. As you can see, I used a loop but it's very slow. I'm a total newbie in pixi.js and I look for a possible "rastering" pixi solution like image() on Matlab or R. I hope I'm sufficiently clear. Guillaume