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  1. @themoonrat @ivan.popelyshev I have managed to add a 'fix' into my version of the library that I'm using. I made one minor addition to the processPointerUp in the condition that deletes the trackedPointers based on id. It now appears to work as expected. Yet to see if this has any other implications, here's hoping not. But will come back if there still ends up being a problem. Thank you for taking the time to help and I appreciate the advice.
  2. Ok. I haven't had the chance to look at it much in the last day or so due to other deadlines. I will continue to look at it. @themoonrat The up does fire on them all it's the tap/click that doesn't based on the information that is in the up portion. I have a play around with what you have mentioned.
  3. @ivan.popelyshev ok. I will look into providing a minimal fiddle whilst continuing to debug at my end and yeah they are time consuming and difficult. I am looking into being able to scrape a hack together too but worry about breaking other items by doing it that way. Am sure will figure out some solution eventually.
  4. Thanks @ivan.popelyshev Still picking my way through it, can see an issue in the tracking data only so far. Don't really want to be in a position where we have to override anything but if have to guess we will. Not found the root of the issue yet. I have looked at the sections you suggested. When processing the pointer down, on buttons that don't work, 1 out 4 of the buttons doesn't have any tracking data and when it processes the pointer up it then only had data for the last rendered button (which is processed first) and that has the flag 2. When processing the pointer down, on but
  5. I've been working with Pixi for quite sometime with V3 up until now. Recently decided it was time to move some code over to version 4 but have been experiencing some issues with interaction events. I have a button class that originally used both listeners for touch and mouse events to a.) change the visual state of the button on up/down etc b.) perform an action on click/tap. This had been working perfectly fine in version 3 and I could have multiple buttons in a class/container. Switching to version 4 this caused issues with click/tap area where only the last button to be added to a
  6. I posted in http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/14632-pixi-v3-and-custom-filter-throwing-errors/ I have managed to convert this for PIXI v3
  7. I believe I know why my original solution didn't work and how to fix it. Yet to test though but believe the solution will work ok. Will update once testing complete, and will present solution if it works.
  8. @xerver I was looking to use a glowfilter in V3 also recently and tried to use the ones you mentioned, but they didn't work, it wasn't converted right. It wasn't able to apply the parameters to the Frag code correctly. I've not tried it since so don't know if it has been fixed since. I amended it myself in the end that worked on the setup I created. I added markers in the frag code for string replace as it's was still trying to run javascript in it to get values. quality / distance).toFixed(7) replaced with %ANGLE% distance.toFixed(7) replaced with %DISTANCE% I then loaded
  9. So scene setting.... I'm relatively new to Pixi JS but am an experienced developer (although be it in Flash not JS). I've managed pretty well so far and am in the process of converting another very basic game from Flash to JS as I have before. I've created a button class that aside from a few data options like colour etc, passes 2 functions in the constructor. 1) bindFunction and 2) clickFunction. The button has a usual 3 state system of Up, Over and Down; which each have their own image. The bind function is used to respond to all the following events : mousedown, touchstart,
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