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    Hello dear community, This is my story. My passion is Xbox games and a lot of time I've played online I met absolutely different people. And I think that it will be cool to create a social network for gamers to easily find players around you. Just choose what games you like and you have to expose your interests in gaming and play together. With this idea, I started developing from scratch. Then I realise, that gaming is more than console games, and include in my roadmap HTML5 and Flash games. Now it looks like gaming platform or catalogue of HTML5 / Flash games, also Xbox / PlayStation game reviews. Open for any kind of partnership just write me . Thank you for reading
  2. Hi, guys! A year ago I run it's like a social network for gamers and games catalogue. There I publish free to play HTML5 / Flash games. Also game reviews for XBOX / PS games. Now I continuously looking for game developers who want to publish their games. You can create an account and submit your game for free. For now you can upload only SWF, if you have HTML5 game to publish you can send it via email . I plan to made nice statistics to track players activity and in future, you can earn money from ads (if you want). Even you're not a game developer I'm open to any kind of partnership.
  3. I interested. Frontend dev with 6 years of experience. I'm new in game development, but already familiar with Phaser.js -- it's HTML5 game library. E-mail me please: