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  1. Not bad little game, like a gameboy color game. That boss face is SCARY 😌
  2. If you have some time to spare on the holidays, do try out my humble 3 little games. link to game selection: https://www.kongregate.com/accounts/Allentthesnouty From left to right: ALIEN STEP: A grid-based action puzzler. You play as an alien, walk around the stages & collect the ORBS. The game is inspired by Chip's Challenge. It's a bit rough on the edges but I do hope you'll have a nack of time with it! TAP 'N DASH: If you like fast-paced finger reflect type of games, this might be the game for you. I really want to say that people MUST know about this game! Try play
  3. Alien Step (ver0.9) has released on Kongregate on Nov 4. You play as an alien agent collecting orbs from all the realms for the interest of their specie collective. The game is inspired by some of the games I liked in the old Windows era: Chip's Challenge from Windows 3.1, and Tinker from Vista Ultimate. Also Sega's Chu Chu Rocket also has a bit influence. The game has a total of 24 main levels, 6 extra levels & 3 tutorial levels. (as of current version) PLAY HERE: https://www.kongregate.com/games/Allentthesnouty/alien-step dev log: https://snoutyplays.weebly.com/devlog-
  4. Now renamed 'Alien Step', is a grid-based action puzzler web game. You play as an alien collecting orbs to beat the levels. Official release v0.9 will be released in this October. But first try my demo (actually named 'Alien Maze Demo #2' before ) 😌 It comes only 16 levels + 3 tutorial levels (demo only) https://allentthesnouty.itch.io/alien-maze-demo2
  5. Thanks for the feedbacks guys! And now's a video trailer for the game:
  6. Thanks for the comment mattbnn! The design is to encourage players to do combo chains & don't have to be too careful. It might to be easy at first but once get into 'Similar' mode I think people will need those extra health.
  7. It's been a while... i'm here to introduce my new mini game, also my 2nd game ever published. TAP 'N DASH As a mini game, took me about 3 month to build it. The game is inspired by Japanese arcade game such as 'Hyper Bishi Bash Champ'. It's originally a remake of my old flash game project, many graphic assets were already been made, thus the shorter game development... Gameplay is simple: Run the turtle character to the finish line by quick-solving picture quizs (by tapping). You can build combos, or tap on solo-tiles to get TURBO, 1x HEALTH or more, get higher highscores and ratings
  8. The cooking sim 'Fry Me Omelettes' has a special theme whenever you play the game around X'mas. (Dec 24 to 31 from your time) Come gather around and emerge yourselves with the Christmas cheers! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Google Play: (Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snoutyplays.fmo Kongregate: (newer Web version) https://www.kongregate.com/games/Allentthesnouty/fry-me-omelettes Opera Store: (Android) http://android.oms.apps.bemobi.com/en_ro/fry_me_omelettes.html?pos=1
  9. 'Fry Me Omelette', the egg-frying simulation game, has finally reached ver 1.3 ! This is the defining version you'll love to play, especially for those who haven't play the game yet. What's New... These are the new additions since ver 1.2: 1 'Unlockable' Ingredient 1 'Challenge' New passing rate (from 'Stats' -> 'Overalls') 2 new high score leaderboards (kong) Some new judge sprites More critiques from judges Things that are change/revamp or fixed: Displacements of shrimp in 'Record' fixed Egg cooked-ness tweak
  10. News: 'Fry Me Omelettes' is now on Google Play store! Device requirements: * Android version 'Jelly Bean' 4.3 or above * designed for phones & tablets (not available for Android PCs/laptops) * screen aspect ratio: 16:9, 16:10 & 3:2 (4:3, 18:9 not supported) * high performance devices recommended [GO TO STORE PAGE HERE] for more info, visit http://snoutyplays.weebly.com/
  11. New Art (shown in game's opening) for valentine's day only.
  13. Nice little game Although music comes out a bit too late. Happy holidays!
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