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  1. Ok, thank you =). I'll check how to add this material to my element directly.
  2. Of course, but if I take the babylon.max.js I won't have the water material inside isn't it ? How can I add it to the BABYLON object then ?
  3. Sorry, I only see BJS error on my console (see image) ... Or WebGL warnings that are links to BJS I suppose. Thank you for your help anyway . I'll try to figuring out what's going on =)
  4. Sure, here it is : http://www.noom-game.eu And the working example : http://www.oktopure.com/mountains.html BTW : by putting it online the console gives me others errors (that I don't understand either ^^) Thank you for your help.
  5. I am using the one generated from this page: http://babylonjs.com/versionBuilder/ with only "Water Material" checked.
  6. Hello Guys, I am developing a game with Angular2 and Bablyon.js. So far no problems, but I recently used the Water material and I couldn't add it to my mesh : var waterMat = new BABYLON.WaterMaterial("waterMat", newScene, new BABYLON.Vector2(512,512)); waterMat.bumpTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("assets/scenes/home/img/water.png", newScene); water.material = waterMat; //water is a plan mesh I downloaded it from the Babylon.js Generator, and when I the console told me : "Unable to load src/Shaders/water.vertex.fx" I tried to change the Shader Repository, but it didn't change the erro
  7. Hi there, I am trying to create an Phaser/Angular2 game in Typescript with the canvas in background and the DOM at the front. I would like to do either : 1 - Change the state when I click on a button from the DOM. 2 - Or change the state when I open a component with Angular2 with the constructor of the class (in Angular2 a component is based on a class). The problem I have is that I cannot access the Phaser.game element from a fonction triggered from the DOM or in the constructor of the class. 0 : I define the Phaser.Game object on a first class, I start the first state an
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