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  1. Thanks for playing! Yes definitely, I actually have lost a lot of people on this level according to my analytics. Thanks for pointing that out!
  2. Great job! Thanks for playing! That's a good idea, I'll look into it! Yes, you need to hit the buttons with the right number, but if the waves overlap the total number will multiply. You must hit each target with its exact number.
  3. Description In ShockRipple, you must click the numbered squares to create shockwaves which can destroy the white circular targets. When shockwaves overlap, their power is multiplied. To destroy a target, the shockwave's value must equal that of the target. Clear all 50 levels to win the game! Play Here Screenshots
  4. Play Here: Description: Tower Capture is back! The goal is simple: entrap your opponent in as few moves as possible. Each turn you may move and launch a maelstrom of arrows at your enemy. In campaign mode, battle through 10 boards to claim victory. How to Play: Click on the red player and choose a location to move to. With that same player, shoot a volley of arrows into another square. The arrows will block of the square for the rest of the game. When your enemy can no longer move, you win! Screenshots:
  5. I updated some code to reduce the choppiness, do you notice any difference in the lag?
  6. Where are you playing from?
  7. is a multiplayer online HTML5 game. You must navigate a popsicle stick around the map to collect splinters, which will add more sticks to your player. You can kill other players by hitting the center of their stick with the tip of your own. This is the alpha release, so I know there are still a lot of issues. The purpose of posting this here is to ask you all for help finding some of the issues. Please let me know of any thoughts you have. The game was created with Javascript and NodeJS; I didn't use any game frameworks. You can view your score on the leaderboards at Play here: Gameplay video:
  8. Update: Big thanks to Freank from who helped me completely rework the graphics! Let me know what you think! I think it makes a big difference. Also, local multiplayer was added.
  9. @Tymski I made a custom API on and I have some Javascript in my games that sends async requests to the API for saving the score, earning trophies, etc. The score distribution is just some MySQL with some GROUP BY's and ORDER BY's thrown around. In this game, I think the score distribution tells an interesting story. You can see most scores are in the 220-255 range, which is roughly the score you earn for beating easy mode. Clearly, most people play easy mode and win. It helps me as a developer and I think it's fun to look at. Hope this helps, -Ian
  10. This was impressive! Everything moved smoothly. One thing that could make it more interesting is allowing the pieces to be rotated... Either way still an enjoyable puzzle. I tried it with my own profile pic. Pretty fun!
  11. The computer moves first in hard mode to make it a little more difficult without using the amount of processing time it takes to make the AI better. Basically it's harder without being slower. It does the same move every time because that's the move the algorithm thinks is the best Here is the original code for the bot: Thanks! -Ian
  12. @totor That's an audacious claim to make without a verified score on the leaderboards to back it up The AI question was basically just to make a bot that can play this game. My strategy is basically to score the board based on the players' position and the open space around them, then find the move that results in the best result. If you want, I can send you the source code for the bot I submitted. I wrote it in Java originally.
  13. @totor Oh I guess you can only see it on Desktop :/
  14. @totor Thanks for the helpful feedback! After some consideration, I think I agree with you on the look of the arrows, marble, and crosses. I replaced the marble with a flat white and black grid, increased the number of arrows, and made sure they wound up closer to the center of the square. I also changed the look of the pawns, and now there will be a little green box around your players so it is easier to see where to move. You can check out the updates here: Tower Capture Unfortunately, ending the game early when the outcome is clear would be more difficult than it first appears. There is always the possibility of one player making a mistake, and furthermore, the score is based on the number of moves. I think you will find that the endgame is shorter when you play on hard difficulty Thanks again for the feedback! (You can see the bot contest I entered here. It says there were 416 submissions, so I was happy with 2nd)
  15. Augh this is so annoying. I think there is some DNS issue or something. I've had a couple other people have issues with this. Can I ask what your service provider / router is? For some people it works on cellular but not their home network. Sorry about this, I'm trying to find a fix. Edit: I believe the problem was fixed. Let me know if this is still an issue for anyone. Thanks for your patience!
  16. Video: YouTube Update: Big thanks to Freank from who helped me completely rework the graphics! Let me know what you think! I think it makes a big difference. Also, local multiplayer was added. Hello HTML5GameDevs! is back with another game after a long time! This time with a puzzle/strategy game. I recently got second place in a rather large AI programming challenge, and I decided to make a game out of the challenge! I did have to dumb down the bot so it is beatable though. Let me know what you think! Play Here: Tower Capture
  17. Congratulations on making your first game! I played in on Chrome in Windows 10 and it worked smoothly. I managed to beat the first 2 levels. HTML High 5 to you sir!
  18. The graphics are pretty. I was happy to see that this game didn't fit exactly into the match-3 cookie cutter format. Also, it's good to see someone else using GM: Studio.
  19. Wow that's really pretty. My biggest problem was that I didn't really know which powerups were good and which were bad... other than that the game is beautiful and really fun!
  20. Excellent graphics! I wish I could draw like that. Are you supposed to retain research levels after dying? I got my frogs up to level 13 then died and after upgrading them 1 level at the beginning of the next game their level hopped (I'm sorry) back up. Another thing that confused me was that the first time I played all I ever got was frogs, so I didn't understand how the other animals worked at all. Maybe you should force the first three animals to be different so other users aren't unlucky like I was.... On the very minor side of things, when the game ended the little arrow showing you where to swipe was still visible. Overall really great! I hope you fail quickly!
  21. I think attention to detail is the biggest thing missing here. For example, why not have the cannon chamber and the wheels use separate sprites? The cannon's rotation looks very unnatural. Also I believe the game could be improved by slowing down the speed of the power bar. I'm sure at the current speed it seems fairly easy to you, but remember that the rest of us haven't spent a lot of time getting used to your game already. Another minor detail is that it seems strange that you can see the duck while it's in the cannon... I think it would be less distracting if you moved the duck's z-index back. Congratulations on making your first Phaser game
  22. Really? I'm no dictionary but I'm pretty sure "dabs" is a word. Especially since "dab" was recognized.
  23. Cool, I like the menu. How to begin the game was somewhat unintuitive, but once it got going everything made sense. I got 18 blackjacks in a round and got $1000. Well polished game!