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  1. In this time of near endless options for entertainment every competing company uses some sort of behavioral lure to keep users hooked to their product/service. Daily rewards are a way to trigger a player to come back every day so that they stay engaged to a product. However, daily reward triggers do not work if a player does not find the game fun. I don't think this is necessarily a demon as much as cliffhangers are demons in your favorite television series. I used to think micro payments were horrible too but if a player perceives enough value from a game to warrant a transaction then who are we to say what they can or cannot do. If a player gets an endorphin high from buying a speed-up in their favorite grind game - who are we to say what they should or should not be playing? The whole world is constructed from these sorts of meaningless purchases. Does that make the return value (satisfaction) for the investment (micro-transaction) is any less real (even if it's a speed-up)? Of course not. These things work because they do add some value to a player's daily life. It is natural that a more core-gamer would look at these things and sneer but I think that is because a core-gamer cannot really put himself in a shoes of a casual gamer that fuels games like clash of clans. I could be wrong though.
  2. Goblet Ed

    The new photo editor

    @IvanK I usually select multiple layers on the artboard with ctrl + shift. I see that it's possible to select multiple layer in the layers panel but it is not possible directly from the artboard. If I have a hundred layers I am not going to search around for them in the layers panel. Instead I select the stuff I want in the artboard. I can select a single layer by having the move tool active and use ctrl + mouse click. But it's not possible the select multiple layers in this way by ctrl + shift + clicking on the artboard.
  3. Goblet Ed

    The new photo editor

    Interesting! I checked it out a bit and it's missing several features like selecting multiple layers and such. However, I do think it's super impressive! This could be extremely useful if I'd need to do some quick and simple editing or exporting without access to Photoshop. Bookmarked!
  4. Hasn't '.io' just become synonymous with 'multiplayer browser game' when we look at it through the lens of browser games? It feels like it has become some kind of classifying word for multiplayer browser games. I know the extension is used for services/websites other than games too. If a player is looking for a multiplayer experience they're going to be checking out games that have a domain that ends with '.io'. You have game portals that specialize in .io games.
  5. When we use the word 'addictive' in the gaming context, we usually mean engaging. You are only addicted to a game when you cannot stop playing while it hurts you and/or the people around you. You are not addicted to a game when you can stop playing even if it hurts you and/or the people around you. If you can choose to walk away without great strain you are not addicted. The game could make you feel like you really want to play it but that's just that it's really engaging. What @vornay mentioned it a tiny fraction of the population. These are the personalities that get addicted to games for real. The average person can usually walk away if it really comes down to it. For instance @scheffgames was able to uninstall the game after he was really engaged. That does not point to a real addiction because he was able to quit just like that.
  6. Kinda cool. Digging the minimalist style. The intro just takes way too long before I can start playing (web version). I think adding a more obvious visual cue when you unlocked a frozen node would go a long way into making it more satisfying and would help with understanding the mechanics. Nice work nonetheless! How did you come up with this concept?
  7. @blackmoondev Very polished game, I like it. All the characters are great. I especially like the reactions when you serve them their food! Constructive criticism: I feel like there is a slight delay once you've completed a burger before the game registers it as complete. That critical moment before your time runs out I often felt like I finished a burger but instead I was game over. Why are there no upgrades or levels for progression? Having coins makes it feel like I can buy upgrades. Are you going to release a bigger version later on? Being 'game over' from missing 1 ingredient or being too slow for 1 customer feels pretty hardcore. Perhaps add a three strike system. Is the difficulty linear at the moment? Feels like I have a little less time for each next customer. Often making me earn just a single coin while the difficulty ramps up significantly. Coin rewards are based on how much time there was left on the customer right?
  8. Goblet Ed

    small games

    Wow, these games are great. Nice work!
  9. Cool ! Nice little additions that make it feel very polished. Only critique I have is that once you score a 'perfect' the text is almost on top of the area where you have to concentrate on the yellow ball. Really disorienting. Also like that it has a space theme. Nice idea with the height and the space themed icons!
  10. Dear Sir,

    We are very interested in your games and would like to buy everything you have.

    How much would this cost?

    Let me know


  11. Much better! First and second are best IMO. The green one is too bright behind the title logo but I like the colors in that one.
  12. The logo is an improvement but I think the backgrounds are worse than your original. The new backgrounds do not read like anything. The 'silhouette' version Is a little better than the 'Eyes' version because it pulls your attention to the logo. With the eyes version the lamps at the bottom are too bright and it makes the composition unbalanced. I think the silhouette version could work with adjustments so it would be more clear what those shapes were. Hope it helps.
  13. Works for me. Incredibly nice looking game! Bravo.
  14. Cool and refreshing concept. Is it based or inspired by an existing game or did you come up with this yourself? Nice work!
  15. Hey Tom,

    I saw that you released a few games for the Gamee Platform.

    I checked their developers page but couldn't really quickly find what kind of revenue models they offered developers.

    You have worked with them for a while so I was wondering if you had some insight into this.



    1. Tom Atom

      Tom Atom

      Hi Ed,

       as far as I know, they do not take games from public. I am in "hired gun" cooperation with them. They are managing whole game process from start to end - they come with idea, graphics and sounds and I only make code. It is different from when working on my own games.

       They are local company and some time ago, they were looking for game developer. One friend of mine recommended me and after one test game they asked, whether I would like to continue.


    2. Goblet Ed

      Goblet Ed

      I see. Thank you for your reply. I was curious because you were popping up in game showcase often with games you made for Gamee. Got me thinking.

      Have a good day and your games rock! :D