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  1. What @mattstyles said Plus you get download (zip files ) for free and you can push updates and changes easily.
  2. These are super awesome! Thanks especially for the spell tutorial. One feedback -- can you please post the code up on github somewhere?
  3. Has there been any updates or news on QICI engine lately? Seems like the support forums are very quiet, and the source hasn't been updated in a while. Any updates? Just let us know you're still there and alive and kicking?
  4. Is this true? I see the Pixi.js library being included in RPG Maker MV projects. -Andrew
  5. triptych

    js13kGames 2015

    Is there any group or mailing list for folks who are starting to plan for next year?
  6. --- duh. need to read the whole thread.... ----
  7. Just FYI I was reading the news on the Phaser website, and the link to slush has moved (that link no longer valid). I believe the new repo is here? https://github.com/slushjs/slush
  8. Looks like they are also working with Mozilla: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2014/03/18/mozilla-and-unity-deliver-award-winning-game-engine-to-the-web/
  9. If you live near or can travel to France, you might want to check out this web gaming conference: http://www.nextgamefrontier.com/
  10. Just an FYI - there's a quick server using npm https://npmjs.org/package/quickserve -- I don't think requiring node.js is that big a deal, esp if most web devs are already using it.
  11. Sorry, this is a dupe of http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3413-chrome-apps-can-be-submitted-to-google-play-store/ but the title was so different I didn't think it was about the same subject
  12. You can now port your Chrome Apps to iOS and Android - never a better time to be an HTML developer! http://thenextweb.com/google/2014/01/28/google-brings-chrome-apps-android-ios-lets-developers-submit-google-play-apples-app-store/
  13. Here's the article: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2014/01/28/amazons-appstore-now-lets-developers-set-list-prices-html5-web-apps/# Used to be they'd be automatically set to "free". Now you can charge for them.
  14. Perhaps you want to capture a video of your canvas-based game. You might use this: http://spite.github.io/#ccapture
  15. It's great to see companies starting to create branded games using HTML5 technology: http://www.tresensa.com/game/troubling-times-in-the-kingdom/ Hopeful sign for folks who want to make and sell commissioned games.
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