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  1. Thank you for your return! Yes the cartoon graphics are really the power of our game ! The music has been made by one of the gameplay programmers that also did the gameplay adjustments (multitasks team yeah!). We wanted to do a really simple game, to be sure that it'll be finished within the 4days jam.We thought "mobile first" and put all the juiciness we could ! The goal of our game is also to be accessible to everyone and everything has been made to achieve that purpose. I'll keep you informed on how well the game works on Android !
  2. Hello everyone ! I'm a student in Gamedesign & Programming in Paris and I make games. Video games. HTML5 video games. Using Haxe. So I think I'm in the right place ! It's my first post here, one of my teachers recommended me to share our HTML5 game here ! So here it is, "Fall", made in 4 days within the GameWeek of my school. We were 9 in a team composed with 4 graphists, 4 Gameplay Programmers and 1 Producer. A team entirely made with first and second years ! Check it out here : Fall won the "Most polished game Prize" and will soon arrive on your smartphones ! Have fun guys !