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  1. Hey! Sorry for the late answer! Didn't have the email for mentions enabled. Ok, that's strange. Will check today in the evening what's going on there!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the tips! I'm still a beginner in this area.
  3. Ah ok, makes sense! Thanks for the help! Will take a deeper look into it.
  4. Hey @gryff Yes, I've tried it and still doesn't want to work. I think I found that the issue has something to do with materials. Will send you the file soon. Thanks!
  5. Thanks booth! Well, just a blank scene export works fine, but I have a more model with animations and it doesn't work (throws these errors).
  6. I'm having issues exporting from blender to babylon. Blender: Version 2.77 (2.77 2016-03-19) Babylon Exporter: 4.6.1