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  1. @PhilT, Ok I see your file, main problem with physic engine is there are a hundred ways to do the same thing. Look at this one : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URPXQB#12 Fps is better and at the end we have a solid 60 fps, because idle boxes are out of the simulation. They are not totally out, if a new collision occurs, they will be in again in the simulation.
  2. @PhilT http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#URPXQB#4 . It's quite better here. Physics engine have their own specifications, it's quite hard to compare them even with raw perfs. Could you share your code, It will be interesting for me to see what value you used with the engines.
  3. @Deltakosh, about a plug in , not for now. I focus on my own game with bjs and energy.js on my spare time.
  4. Thanks for testing energy.js, and i'm really sorry that the engine is really slow.
  5. @MackeyK24, ammo vs energy : about the native engines, bullet (ammo is based on bullet) was developed after Ode (energy is based on ode), so I suppose Ammo is better. About the asm or wasm port with emscripten, ammo is a kind of automatic port, on my side all is done manually I expose only needed classes and methods. About perfs, I really don't know, but the matter is not to say, the engine handle 1000 boxes at 60 fps,. I think physic engine are really tricky, hard to tune, you really have to test and test to perform good simulation., and to learn the engine. About the
  6. Nope, engine is still in alpha. This is not a priority , I need to add features, and fix few memory leaks.
  7. Ammo is really good too. new playground : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/frame#89WEV3#0 important : check playground url , must start with http not https
  8. Hello, Energy.js is now on github : https://github.com/samuelgirardin/Energy.js sam
  9. Hi, I've made few playgrounds using energy.js (it's a physic engine) , so you can test the engine live. It's still an alpha version, but you can fun ! bounce box ball joint wood machine vehicle (arrow keys) Typescript sources, grunt, etc : github It's quite tricky to get the engine works on the playground (append script and refresh), maybe you can have after multiple run a memory error). sam
  10. Hi, I suppose at work your screen resfresh rate is 75 hz, and 60 hz at home.
  11. HI, I think you have to use rotationQuaternion : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#742772#10 sam
  12. @BitOfGold Hi, sometimes my english is bad, could you be more precise and explain me this : 'It maybe will miss important elements in a game like collision events and trigger (collision only) bodies' . Are you talking about object callback when collision occurs ? thx sam
  13. @Deltakosh I ve started that : https://github.com/samuelgirardin/Documentation/blob/master/content/extensions/EnergyJS/EnergyJS.md I m not sure where you want to put it ?
  14. I only use emscripten to produce asm or wasm. The workflow ia exactly the same. I just have to add a specific flag to the compiler to emit asm or wasm. For the moment webassembly was just a test case. About your link, could be useful for heavy math calculation, but Javascript vm are more and more optimized.. Webaasembly is really useful to port existing c++ library to browsers. @Jerome
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