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  1. Hey Rich I am trying to delete old posts that contain my personal information in them.

    I want everything I've ever posted deleted, but there is no button or option to delete or even edit.  

  2. Just an update, we've brought one programmer on board but are still actively searching for one more. The lead programmer has stipulated the biggest requirement for anyone interested in contributing is an existing extensive understanding and use of Phaser. Those looking to learn Phaser on a small project should consider participating in a game jam like ludum dare and make some small games before they tackle such a large project.
  3. Heya! Phaser is well documented so just having the existing webdev skills is a good start. Discord is our primary communication platform, you can join the channel here or send me a message on Discord, I am bunp.3928.
  4. Twitter - Subreddit - Dev Blog - Discord Hello my name is Sam, I'm also the lead artist for Super Combat Squadron. We're a small indie dev team trying to put out a lightweight browser RTS. It's been just myself and one other programmer been developing the game for about a year now but, due to unforeseen circumstances, the lead programmer has had to take a step away from the project for personal reasons. I'm still in contact with him for help in the transitionary period but I'm looking to replace him on the team with some new programmers. Currently we just completed our first interna
  5. I'm referring to the https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Pointer_Lock_API to keep the mouse from leaving your game window, however we're having a problem that after you engage the lock, we can't find a method to keep using the mouse functionality to click on things within the box. The mouse is locked to some arbitrary spot, and while we can map its movements to move a fake sprite mouse around, we can't click from that fake sprite mouse. Does anyone know of any examples that accomplish this?
  6. Yeah we don't like that either, its just that collisions are obscenely difficult to code in a nonbuggy way and after a lot of research, the programmer said it'll be basically like 3 months nonstop exclusively working on collision code to get it to work so right now we're focusing on more immediate deliverables.
  7. I want to clone what this Russian guy achieved for my game exactly but the programmer says that its not physically possible to do anything other than A* based grid movement. It's incredibly frustrating because I've seen Atari games where entities on screen can pathfind around without the need of a grid but still colliding with each other and respecting collisions with the grid, and he hasn't been able to explain to me what's so hard about pathfinding that isn't A* based because I've seen a thousand games that do it before us no problem at all. Like, how do you program pathfinding and col
  8. I looked through the examples and searched online but I can't find anyone else having ever done this to use as an example; I'm trying to hide the default computer mouse pointer and replace it with a sprite in my game that is very reactive; eg changing to different art depending on what you're mousing over or if you're giving and order or something. Does anyone have an example of this I could look at?
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