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  1. Maybe will possible ( gif ) support for textures too ?
  2. I hope textures for buttons normal, hover, clicked, disable , changeable opacity , if svg supported will be perfect... hv nice works
  3. Thank you so much D. its BabylonJS and this forums power
  4. Very nice works congratz
  5. Hello Friends ; I completed 70% of my first 3d web site and start testing, its compatible for mobile devices ( tested on my android phone working well ( idk ios devices whats happens ) ), i will add more my works images and videos soon, and i m working on my classic 2d web site too, I m sorry for my site language is Turkish now i will add English options soon. Your opinions and suggestions are very valuable for me. Please feel free to review
  6. Hello Everyone Another error in BJS 2.6Alpha Child planes not rotate with parents Why ? Here is the PG http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6VKFM#2 Thanks
  7. Hello Thats it Thank you so much D! you are the fastest codeMan alive !!! I told u before you deserve more than coffee, Turkish tea and simit with sunset in İstanbul bosphorus for you hv nice works
  8. Hello I searched more my code and find source of fault ; if I remove this code block my scene launching and workin well on BJS 2.6 /* var psb = new BABYLON.ParticleSystem("psb", 100, scene); psb.particleTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("textures/ay-k.png", scene); psb.minSize = 0.7; psb.maxSize = 0.8; psb.minEmitPower = 1; psb.maxEmitPower = 1; psb.minLifeTime = 1.5; psb.maxLifeTime = 1.5; psb.emitter = dkure2;
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