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  1. Phaser is a game engine using pixijs. You should use pixijs.
  2. game is the parameter of the function create. You can add game as parameter of the mechant constructor. Or define a global variable game and assign its value on create function (ugly)
  3. heroname = localx[i].load.name; // ... heroname.body.velocity.x = -250; body is undefined. so body property does not exist on heroname. localx.load.name; Does that return a complexe objet? That name looks like returning a string
  4. var sens = Math.random() * 360; (?) Is there an error in the console? Can you share more code?
  5. blog? I know only http://www.pixijs.com/. What is the url?
  6. That is more easy to manage sprite positions by grouping them in a container. Invoke Destroy on a container don't destroy children by default : http://pixijs.download/dev/docs/PIXI.Container.html#destroy If you are making a car you won't move the wheels and the car's body distinctly. You shouldn't move all pieces of a gameObject, that is more easier to move only one object.
  7. I retried, that is ok' now. I checked console, I didn't find something in the logs. Good job !
  8. That looks nice but when I click on Start button, nothing happen :/
  9. http://svenfrankson.github.io/PlanetBuilderWeb/index.html Nice !
  10. That is pretty cool! Congratulation for your creation !
  11. I am not sure to understand... Do you want the list reference in each object in it? like var list = [ { id: 'base', prop: 'base_something', myList: // == list }, { id: 'somethingelse', prop: 'anotherprop', myList: // == list }, { id: 'somethingelse42', prop: 'anotherprop42', myList: // == list }, ] ? If it is that, you can do: var list = []; function ListElement(parameters){ // replace name making sens this.list = parameters.list || []; this.list.push(this); this.prop = parameters.prop || "defaultProp"; this.id =
  12. Hi'' You have to cast your htmlElement: this._canvas = <HTMLCanvasElement> yourHtmlElement; this._canvas = yourHtmlElement as HTMLCanvasElement;
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