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  1. Hi! I am JavaScript developer with two years of combined experience in software developer, focusing on front-end development. Now I am looking for job as a Phaser developer in London, UK. https://github.com/tourniquet?tab=repositories here you can see my project, several are in progress. CV-Europass-20161221-Prodan-EN.pdf
  2. In update method, in the first line, you have to set this.player.body.velocity.x = 0
  3. Can you share all source code? I want to test and try to resolve your problem
  4. maximize the browser window, there are a paddle down
  5. Oh, sorry, I forgot I changed links. http://games.ionprodan.com/games/arkanoid/ http://games.ionprodan.com/ for other games
  6. Nobody knows how to resolve this?
  7. I know this tutorial, first version of my game was maded reading this, but I can't make interesting level design only with for loop, therefore I want to create level design in Tiled, and after that, to create sprites from tiles.
  8. Hello everyone! Sorry for my bad english. To learn Phaser, I started to make several games clone, to understand how it works. Now I am working on Arkanoid/Breakout clone, and want to create sprite from tiles, because this will allow to make some interesting game level design, but can't understand how createFromTiles work, or maybe I am wrong in other place. The problem itself consist in collide between ball and bricks/blocks, I can't kill/destroy when ball collide with these. Here is the part of code, other states is in separated files, but only this code is important now https://jsfiddl
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