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  1. Hi in mono, Thank you very much.. for the example, this will do for me... and your second suggestion is also great. I will try it out.... thanks a lot .....
  2. can some one help me out ... with this one... waiting for help....:-(
  3. Anyways thanks for the suggestion... bmd doesn't seems to be a option for my case. I'm waiting for some to suggest me on this....
  4. Hello Taggrin, Thanks for the reply, The idea is the circle and number should be one object, so to apply animations to it. With graphics.drawCircle(300, 300, 100); circle is added to the graphics object. How can I make both number and circle as 1 object. is it possibl ?. if circle is an image, we can use addChild(text) method. is it possible to addChild() to circle drawn with graphics ? sorry it may be trivial, since I'm new, please bear with me.. Thanks & Regards, StudyMark.
  5. Hi There, I'm new to Phaser, i want to develop game related to numbers. For this i want to generate random numbers dynamically with coloured circle or rectangle back ground. how to do this in phaser. please help, I have attached sample image. I don't want to create images, then add sprite. Is there a way to do it using graphics and text ? thanks in advance. Regards, StudyMark