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  1. I have a cube with a simple texture...how can the textures in the faces have the same rotation? For example, the front face is rendered ok(lines are vertical), but the sides are rotated(lines are horizontal), I want them all with the lines vertical, like the original texture. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#LS6QNX Thanks!
  2. H, I'm just beginning a Boulder Dash type of game to teach myself phaser...so far seems to be a fun and easy library but I've found myself unable to make the player sprite collide with the tilemap representing the level. Perhaps the answer is pretty obvious, but I can't manage to see it. I will share my code: /** * Super fun gamez */ // Main namespaces and definitions var Engine; var Game = Game || {}; Game.name = "_lepdash"; Game.version = "0.1"; Game.width = 800; Game.height = 600; /*User*/ Game.tileSize = 32; // Load assets state Game.loadState = { preload: function(
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