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  1. I've been trying to work out how to set the frame rate for a MovieClip animation. I assume this is where the animationSpeed property comes in, but the API documentation is rather vague: What does this mean in terms of frames per second? If I want an animation to play at, say, 15 FPS, what value should the animationSpeed property be?
  2. Thanks! In the meantime I'll create an internal build for Pixi and label it with the commit number it's based off. I very much appreciate your advice; the filter padding sounds exactly what I need.
  3. Any chance of another official RC? It would be nice if I could say "this project depends on Pixi v4.0.0-rc3" rather than "this project depends on Pixi commit a68ad14 from the dev branch"
  4. Thanks for the tip! I notice that this is only available in v4. Would you recommend creating a build off the dev branch, or off the latest tagged RC (v4.0.0-rc2)? I noticed the outline filter in pixi-extra-filters, but I wanted one that was pixel-perfect, rather that one that relied on a radius.
  5. I've written a simple outline shader that adds a single pixel border around a sprite. It works well, except because sprite textures are commonly cropped, the outline is missing at the edges of the image. I've included a blown up image to show you what I mean. See how the border is missing at the tops of the ears and at the extremities of the limbs? What's the common way of dealing with shaders (like outline, blur, glow, etc.) that go over the edge of a cropped texture? Is there an easy way of adding a transparent margin around a texture? Or do I need to write a vertex shader to expand the size? I'm a little new to this, so I'd be grateful to learn of any solutions people might have.