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  1. Hello @lessmilk, I would love to see your project on GitHub soon. For now, it's hard to give you any feedback. 1. Would you use a framework like this? Probably yes, currently i'm working on a game project but i have some issues on stage. If this framework will solve our issues and make the process better, i will probably use the framework. 2. Do you see ways to improve the API? I love milkyJS's structure. I mean, init, loop and this array structure is cool. I just wonder is it possible to use images? Or there will be only colors? And is it possible to get built-in tween system?
  2. Hello @Wolfram, Thank you for sharing with us this tutorial. I was looking into and thought about making game with this library. Then saw your tutorial. I just wonder know how performance is. I mean, is it right way to do make multiplayer games with this library? I don't want to invest too much time on game networking and don't want to write everything from scratch with or something like that. If it's possible to make multiplayer with, it will be easier to handle. Also do you have any plan to write second part of this tutorial?