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  1. I tried what I said above. Much better! It also looks better I think because the stars each move independently instead of only on two layers. Having more than one tilingSprite fullscreen seems to have really bad performance.
  2. That would be awesome Ivan. My only other idea is use a sprite for each individual star. One of the layers I can get rid of. It adds to the effect but not enough to make it worth it. I would have to update the position of each star every frame but maybe if they use the particle container and an object pool it would be fast enough. That leaves only one layer done with TilingSprite for the hex grid. But maybe your idea would be faster.
  3. I'm using 4 layers of fullscreen TilingSprites for a background. Performance on laptops is bad. Each frame I'm setting the tilePosition. Any suggestions on how to get better performance and have the same parallax background? Can the TilingSprite code be simplified somehow? http://astroe.io is the game. I tried using CSS and a transparent renderer but performance wasn't much better. If I take out the tilingSprites performance is great but I would really like to keep them.
  4. http://astroe.io Astroe.io is a multiplayer 2d space battle game. Made with pixi.js, howler.js, Meteor, Java and Java-websocket.
  5. I ended up removing that ad. Adsense for games doesn't pay much. Game is much better now. Lots of improvements.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Check it out tomorrow, hoping to find out what 100 players is like. Reduced the speed gain per level by half. It shows an ad after the game over screen, it might have been taking too long. Or maybe you have adblocker? Need to test it with adblocker.
  7. The gold cheat was still on. It's off now and the game is pretty much done. Launching tomorrow. Trying to find any last bugs tonight, if anyone has time please help test. https://astroe.io
  8. Thanks for trying it out. Still not finished so still not many players. Found and fixed a lot of issues and sounds are now in.
  9. Looking for feedback and suggestions. Really close to finishing. Sounds are still being worked on. The game isn't posted anywhere yet so there probably aren't many people playing. https://astroe.io
  10. Dan335


    Check out Hopz. A very simple game about hopping. http://hopz.io Made with pixi.js, socket.io and Meteor.
  11. OverThrown 14 more people need to help test the first beta game. OverThrown is a multiplayer turn base strategy game.
  12. Dan335

    Text Width

    I tried calling updateText but it didn't help. I found a way to make it work. I get the width and height of the text http://stackoverflow.com/questions/118241/calculate-text-width-with-javascript then set the width to the width I found and height to height * 2. I tried using skew. It does skew it but the skew is different depending on the width of the text.
  13. Dan335

    Text Width

    Still can't figure this out. I'm using the latest dev branch. Some text is too wide and some not wide enough. I tried creating a simple reproduction but can't get it to happen.
  14. Dan335

    Text Width

    Got pixi-packer-parser working with 4. Still having the same problem with the text.