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  1. I have a sprite animation for making a sprite jump which has a a crouch before it actually jumps and I have a function to check for when it actually is time to lift off. But when the sprite it falling its height is taller than the sprites I have for the next animation which is landing and contains the crouch in reverse. What is the best way to stop the sprite from working jumping back up to its current y value at the top of the sprite but rather further down so it doesnt look like its crouching in mid air.
  2. I ran your code but my tile sprites just fall off the screen? am I missing a declaration for the update?
  3. Hi I have a bunch on atlas animations bound to a single sprite but the animations and frames vary in size(width and height). Is it possible to update the sprite dimensions in the update to get the details from teh JSON file and update the body accordingly? I would like to make this a generic function for all animations so that I dont have to set it myself. Any help would be great.