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  1. Hi everyone! so it turns out I needed to include a 'touchend' event listener as well as a 'click' event listener and remove the following from the "onPointerClick" function: if (evt.button !== 0) {return;} PEP is included, but for some reason the touchend events weren't doing their thing (All other touch events appeared to be firing without a problem). I tend to think this is all due to how I'm using the framework with other 3rd party platforms, and there was a conflict.....BUT if anyone else bumps into iOS touch events not being triggered when you have PEP loaded properly AND t
  2. Thanks for the replies! Yup PEP is included, and yes touch-action="none" is implemented. I can get all the camera controls to work on mobile, but the "pick" still isn't working. I'm starting to suspect a non Babylon related issue. If I figure it out I'll let you all know.....The info might be useful to someone out there right? haha Thanks again!
  3. Hi Everybody! So I have some hotspots floating around in z space. Each hotspot isPickable = true and each non pickable mesh isPickable = false. When I test on desktop it runs like a dream, but when I test it on mobile devices, the hotspots don't respond to any touch actions/click. Babylon version is v 2.5.0 I created a PG. The PG works great on desktop and mobile, but the PG is running version 2.6 alpha Is this something that was adjusted? Am I missing something? Can I change what version of Babylon being used in the PG so I can have a more accurate test? PG: ht
  4. Thanks Deltakosh! 2.5 did the trick! It all looks beautiful! Is there something I need to do differently to get touch actions to register for 2.5? We lost camera control when switching from 2.4 to 2.5 Thanks!!! You ROCK!
  5. This seems to sum up our issue perfectly! Just so I'm sure we are using the most up to date version of babylon.js, what version has the CPU fallback tweak? If we are using the correct version, then it must be the amount of bones (sadly we cannot adjust this, but it's good to know)
  6. Hi Everybody! I'm not sure if this is a bug or if there is an issue with my materials, but for some reason meshes with multiple materials aren't rendering properly on iOS. For a split second while the mesh is loading, I can see each material take up the correct set of vertices, but then once its done loading, the last material to load takes over the entire mesh. We are using the latest version of babylon.js Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey Gang! I have an update on this! So I did a couple things while experimenting to get this working. First I made the switch to Babylon v2.4, then switched from hand.js to PEP. This would now render the frame on iOS browsers (so that was a start) but I would not have camera controls (no errors would come up either). Then I looked at how the scene was built. Originally, I just loaded the entire scene with BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load() and added a light and arcRotateCamera (again this worked great for desktop and android but those darn Apple products weren't too happy). Anywho I opted to buil
  8. Thanks @gryff !!! The images you sent at first glance look like it's exactly what's happening.When I checked the normals, they were all facing outward and there didn't appear to be any rogue ones. To further detail what I'm seeing, the front of the head geometry is showing up, but appears to go transparent as it faces the center of the camera, allowing the teeth and eyeballs to be totally visible rather than being obstructed by the lips and eyelids. Thank you for the quick response though! Is there anything else I should look into? Could it be due to intersecting faces (ie the eyes
  9. Hey Everybody! I have a rigged and animated character that is rendering funny. Eyes, teeth, tongue,etc are all showing through the main mesh of the head. How can I fix this?
  10. Is there a way to layer texture maps? For instance, I want to allow users to be able to modify a geometry's diffuse color, but have a black and white texture map overlay the color so it can keep the look of grime/grit (like setting a layer to multiply in photoshop). Or do I just have to make different colored texture maps in photoshop that already have the grime/grit applied and toggle between them?
  11. Thanks Jerome! I know the framework is just js, but was wondering if within that js it was filling in pathways to assets automatically by doing something like setting a variable to location.origin for instance and then filling in the rest of the asset path with the parameters given in the sceneLoader (like folder name, etc) OR doing something like parent.location.origin (this is just an example and a very easy way to replicate the exact type of error I'm receiving). I'm not so familiar with the babylon.js file to know how it was built and what exactly it's doing to get from point A to po
  12. Hmm ok I'll see if I can find a work around, but do you have an idea as to what aspect of the framework is being hindered by this iframe limitation? Is it that the framework cannot find the render canvas within the iframe? Is it that the server path of the scene assets are different from each other (reiterating that I have no control over asset location on the server once uploaded)? What part of the framework would be looking for server paths and trying to pull them automatically based on the page the project is sitting on? Just looking for a starting place to find a solution (there has to be
  13. Yes I have to pull the babylon.js file from a domain resource. It is not possible for me to dictate a folder structure for the babylon project (it is something I don't have access/authorization for). When assets are uploaded to the server, I have no control over where they are placed, but I receive the path to the asset so I can reference it in my project.
  14. Sure thing! [Log] BJS - [10:34:30]: Babylon.js engine (v2.3.0) launched (babylon.2.3.js, line 3) [Error] Blocked a frame with origin "Babylon project's http://" from accessing a frame with origin "the http:// address to the Demo page that holds the iframe containing the Babylon project". Protocols, domains, and ports must match. attachControl (babylon.2.3.js:9:4949) t (babylon.2.3.js:8:27880) Load (babylon.2.3.js:13:31675) [Error] Blocked a frame with origin "Babylon project's http://" from accessing a frame with origin "the http:// address to the Demo pa
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