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  1. I recently started developing a game using Phaser. one of the things i want to do is make a map editor that can turn a tilemap object into json when you're done making a the level. the json output should then be able to be loaded in the actual game. i tried turning the tilemap object into json using JSON.stringify(map), but i just got an error telling me it has circular references. so my question is: how do i export a tilemap to json from WITHIN phaser (if it is possible)? i found alot of people talking about the map editor called "tiled", but please understand that i wanna make my own tool and i'm not up for learning tiled or any other map editor if i can avoid it. if any of you guys know how to do this please let me know. this problem is VERY annoying because i already got the editor working ~80% like i want it to .