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  1. Ohh thanks guys! youre so nicely! Im texture idt now and than I will reduce it. Thats correct right?
  2. Here:
  3. @Techemon is so nicely! He gave it me as a gift! <33 This book is so nice!
  4. yeah but do you know how I can fix it because I'm searching for hours in the web but I haven't found a nice solution for that problem. :/ But in Cinema4D it loads correctly but the same problem is in Maya,3DsMax or Unity.
  5. nice thanks but everytime I import theFBX file there are no texture. Thank you!
  6. Oh thanks Yes mostly there comes /animstack: ] and than [X]CAD Animations 001 or other [X] and at the end the console sayed that the FbxExport don't work and after a few seconds there is a Debug Message And I think I know why it is so slow because there were loaded over 1.5million vetices and 19000 meshes. But how can I reduce it? Thank you! ;D
  7. Hey guys, I've a problem with the FbxExporter. Every time I export my model I only got the model without textures(only 2 textures, the texture of the roof and the wood texture) and if I try the model in the Sandbox it has only 5 -15 fps but I exported with 60 fps. Please help! ;( ~ Marc
  8. Ohh thanks! I've exported it but it has no materials. :c (Its only a part of the complete model)
  9. And if I want to open the file ([The Fbx-Exporter ] ) it only close after a second so I can't write the command. :c
  10. Yeah I know that that is a CMD Line but I don't how it works. (Where I have to write the command? :D)
  11. Yeah I used Blender before but in Blender you don't import the Materials withe the model. I want to use the FBX-Exporter but I have no idea how it works. Thats my problem. ;(