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  1. Thanks for the apt help. I have been developing a Javascript game so far, without any type def files, I tried add the d.ts files in the same project. It didn't work out. Hence I am currently developing the same as a new typescript, html game with all the necessary type defs added. It solved my major issue in adding box2d physics. I am aiming to convert it as Apache Cordova App. Hope it will work out. Will post again in case of any issues. I am very new to Phaser and gaming. This community helped me a lot. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your continued support. I am using Phaser custom build (http://phaser.io/tutorials/creating-custom-phaser-builds). Hope Box2d is a separate plugin and the list of optional modules of Phaser does not contain Box2d. Hence I added Box2d plugin also in my project. Box2d and all phaser functions works well when I code in a text editor and run in localhost. But I get errors in VS. I tried console.log in each and every line and found this difference. Phaser.Physics.box2d is null in VS. See attached screenshot. Please tell me where I am going wrong.
  3. Thanks Bruno and Tom. I have not tried for iOS still. Hope your reference links will help me. I am using Visual Studio with TACO for building my Phaser App. I can run my Phaser code now. Also, I want to add Box2D Physics in my Phaser App. I am getting errors in setting the Physics system. For example; Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setBoundsToWorld' of null Similarly, I get errors in all lines related to Physics. I am searching for solutions. Help me in this case.
  4. Hello, I have been working on a Phaser game and I would like to publish it in ios and android.It works good in browser. Can I use "Visual studio community" to publish the app using Cordova. Is it possible to build an apk through Visual Studio. Any help is appreciated.