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  1. Thank you very much. The issue is only happen on some ios devices which I tested. The weird thing is that even for two same models (iphone6), the sprite in one device will get but in other won't.
  2. Hi, I wonder why when I use some of IOS device open the phaser game, the sprite displaying on the background will get blur. The resolytion of the source sprite I used 1080 *1080. Normally it shouldn't get blur on any of ios devices?
  3. Hey guys, can we get the whole game as canvas and then convert to sprite?
  4. Hey guy Is there any way can combine multiple bitmapdatas into one?
  5. Hey guys, I have add a sprite in the canvas, but I dont know why when I load the phaser web in iPad, the sprite will get blur. I have triedto running on the other tablet, it display properly. The image is 1080 * 1080.
  6. Hey guys, does 'addMoveCallBack' will not detect 'pointer.isUp'? So I have to do in 'update: function()' and set 'game.input.activePointer.isUp'?
  7. Hello guys, I got an issue when I want to implement a drawing tool, if I move the pointer slow, it can draw a linear line, but if I move the point fast, it will have the gap between my 'brush' dot. I have attached a screenshot for this issue. My planning solution is: when the pointer isDown or is dragging, start drawing. However, it seems there are not 'dragging' or 'moving' method for input.pointer. Is there any other ways that can solve this problem? Thank you very much.
  8. Hello guys, At the moment I am trying to create a undo function in my painting app. But I have no idea about how to keep track the " last drawing". Is it possible that every time input is down then save the x and y in the an array to keep track the "last drawing"?
  9. Hey guys, Is it possible that we can draw something on the bitmapdata without totally overlapping it? The result may look like this:
  10. Hey guys, I just start to phaser. I tried to develop a game that allow user using their fingers to draw/paint on some particular area of the mobile screen. So my solution is to create two layers, one is the background tile sprite, and the other one is sprite that allow user to draw on it. Here is my code: background = game.add.tileSprite(0, 0, 1080, 1920, 'background'); game.add.sprite(x/2, y/2, 'tree'); bmd = game.add.bitmapData(game.width, game.height); bmd.addToWorld(); game.input.addMoveCallback(paint, this); However, when I tried to draw. I cannot particularly draw on
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