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  1. Hi guys, has anyone tried to run it on a mobile? Perhaps low fps is caused by isometric plugin? Mcolman, Nicog, all ground tiles are the POT, map is very simple so far so there must be a bottle neck somwhere ;/ We can`t move forward without solving this problem, please help.
  2. Hi Nicof, game is being developed on different platforms including PC, this is why this line of code has been inserted. If this affects the performance on mobile we will remove it. Mcolman, thank you for your time, I appreciate every advise. We will try to run demo on mobile this week so I will let you know. 1. I am not sure what you mean by saying images non POT? Wat POT stands for? 2. By saying the power of 2 did you mean to create tilesets with even numbers? 3. Is this game running well on your mobile?
  3. Images are not that big, we only have simple map (generated from a tilset) and couple simple graphics to go with it so it shouldn`t be a problem for the engine to display it smoothly on LG G2 phone. We also tried to correct the code as per your advise but it didn`t help. Below I attached the whole game, perhaps we are missing out on something very obvious. Can someone please have a look? We are desperate to get this game running....
  4. hi guys, thank you for your advice. We tried both, turning off the GPU-backlist in Crosswalk as well as Phaser.CANVAS but it did not help. I will appreaciate any other suggestions as we can`t move forward without solving this issue ;/
  5. Hi All, I am trying with my friend to develop our first game using Phraser. We decided to have it in an Isometric view, after creating first simple map we tested it on PC and game was running smoothly however when we tried to run it on a mobile device (LG G2) FPS dropped down dramatically to less then 1 frame per second, to run it on mobile we tried: 1) cordova 2) intel xdk 3) cocoon 4) cordova+crosswalk Intel xdk was the best but still far from acceptable level. The questio
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