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  1. --- WORKING ON A NEW EP/ASSET PACK OF JPOP --- So recently behind the scenes I've been working on a JPOP Vocal Pack with my Buddy Takeshi to bring some Classic Tracks with Stems to the VGM and Game Dev Community! Check out a WIP of the first track over here and Stay Tuned for More!
  2. --- NEW SAMURAI ZERO REVEAL --- At @PlaySamuraiZero, we had a big Trailer/Dev Reveal last night featuring a lots of our work including dope Mixes and Trailers! Come check out the Stream replay to see what it's all about!
  3. --- Working on some Post and Music Production! --- I recently did some short Post Production and Music for my buddy Takeshi over here in Osaka, so have a look and listen and GET IN TOUCH if you want to work on something similar! Thanks, Nathan
  4. --- Working on a New Logo Track! --- I just finished working on a Logo with Stinger for a games company tba and it's sounding silly, fun and sleek! Just how we like it Have a listen and get in touch if you'd like something similar. Thanks, Nathan
  5. --- NCM ON FIVERR! --- I am now available to for work and to place orders through my new Fiverr page just over here -> It should be even easier and faster than ever to now have my Music and Audio in your Project! Of course, you can always email me as usual for a even more personalized experience at Thanks, Nathan
  6. --- NEW MEKA PUPPERS TEASER! ---Here's another little teaser I put together over on Twitter. You can check out the Town Square and join in convo with all the other Doggos before heading to the Garage to get your Mech ready for battle!
  7. --- LOVELY NEW BANDCAMP PAGE! --- I've had a fun and sparkling new Bandcamp page designed by Jeremy Hobbs over at WayForward to help my Albums and Soundtracks looks as 'Sparkling As Can Be'! - Let me know what you think and have a listen and look around the page! Thanks, Nathan
  8. --- MEKA PUPPERS MONDAYS! --- Here's a little teaser of one of the tracks from the upcoming 'Meka Puppers OST' which I will be sharing small snippets of over on Twitter. Check it out and don't forget to get in touch to work together on a project!
  9. ---- 2019 Demo Reels! ---- I've just finished compiling my 2019 Demo Reels! This year I've compiled them into 3 different categories as there were so many different tunes that I would love to include but were so different in tone colour and genre. Have a check out at this link and have a look around my other soundtracks if you enjoy! ->
  10. --- OFF CUTS NOW ON YT! ---- My Album 'Off Cuts' is now up and live on YouTube to stream! A Mix of some of my tunes over the years which never saw the light of day due to various production reasons with the games involved, but they've been Re-Mastered and Compiled into a lovely Album for you to enjoy! Check it out here -> Thanks, Nathan
  11. --- SUPER FISHERMIND MUSIC TEASER --- Been working on a lot of silly and fun games recently which is ALWAYS a joy! Head over here to see a little video/music teaser of the Music I made for this upcoming Mobile Puzzler! Thanks, Nathan
  12. --- NEW SHORT, MAIN THEME REEL --- Here's a short little reel I composed and put together for my Twitter page. Some of the Main Themes I've worked on with Vocalists over the past year. Come and check it out over here -> Thanks, Nathan
  13. --- MEKA PUPPERS OST - COMING SOON! --- I'm working on lots of project atm which are all unfortunately under NDA contracts, but we have some sneak peeks, information and gameplay teasers all coming very soon for 'Meka Puppers' ! So stay tuned at the links below for more info on the release and everything MP related!
  14. --- THE EXOLAB! --- Here is the release of the next track in the Unity ICONS OST. Ep.2 of the Unity ICONS Project transports you to a laboratory of unknown location and nefarious purpose... Read the interview and find out more here -
  15. --- VGM PARTY PACK! - Heavy Hitter is Live Now on YT! --- Here's the next installment in the animations to visually support the VGM Party Pack! Which will include a myriad of different genres and grooves to help any Game Dev get their In Game Music to where they want it to be! Check it out here ->