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    Nulligma got a reaction from Daikrys in Current state of the market   
    You are correct about marketjs
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    Nulligma got a reaction from EvaFatal in Is there someone who act like FGL in HTML5?   
    I used to sell on envato/flashden/activeden. The market's main goal is to "sell small programs/assets/codes to non technical person", so to sell your code best, you should write it as clean as possible and explain everything. Buyers were never a problem but fellow authors were. I once made a nice 3D picture slideshow that was very unique to market and had quite unique 3D logic also. Because I was low ranked there, my program only made some 50 sales. After less than a month I saw a program with same 3D logic but with nice sparkling etc effects added to it and it was made by some elite author so it made more than 1000 sales. 
    You write all the code explanation to your unique logic just so that a fellow developer can purchase your file read everything make some changes and get 1000s of sales. Envato is not very good if you want to do something unique and your rank is low.  Just make generic sh*t in bulk. 
    " deliver unique and personalised value to drive up demand" 
    A newbie will never know what is unique to which sponsor. I might make a zombie game and might send it to someone who's looking for girls games, Publishers dont even reply if they dont want the game or they will say "this is not we are currently looking for". This is where the experienced middleman will come. All they have to do is channel the game to proper people and earn their cuts.
    Suppose a game is ranked below 5 then just return the game. If its 5-7 then tell the developer how he can improve. And when the game reaches 8 just forward it to proper people. Publishers will be very happy that they are getting cherrypicked game and does not have to debug/QA it. Middleman in earning the cuts. And developer is not roaming like an idiot even if he have skills to make proper game.
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    Nulligma got a reaction from Horizonicblue in Is there someone who act like FGL in HTML5?   
    FGL used to act like middleman between developers and sponsors, helping developer improve games and then promote them to sponsors. In return they take a cut from deals. 
    As you might know FGL has closed down all its middleman services. So I was wondering, there are so many developers here who have long list of sponsor's contact and trust. They can do what FGL did in small scale. Even if they help sell 50 NEs  a month, they can earn a lot from that cut by just using their contact.

    So is there anyone out in HTML5 who provide services where you mail them the game, they rate it and then contact sponsor on your half (depending on rating) and then at last take a cut from the deal?

    I have seen repeatedly TV speak about how developer sell good game at low price and in turn dilute the whole market with low price games. If someone experienced start to make deal on behalf of newbie developers. Then the market standards will hold. This will be win win for all.  
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    Nulligma got a reaction from plicatibu in Let's Make HTML5 Games Great Again!   
    Is trump interested in sponsoring HTML5 games? That would be nice
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    Nulligma got a reaction from elparole in Let's Make HTML5 Games Great Again!   
    Is trump interested in sponsoring HTML5 games? That would be nice
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    Nulligma got a reaction from InvisionUser in How to contact publishers/sponsors   
    Thanks everyone for details. I have read true vallahala's blog its really good stuff. 
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    Nulligma got a reaction from The_dude8080 in Why would you even program html5 games?   
    If you are young you can learn new stuff easily. In the future who knows what new language will take over HTML5 and once you get comfortable in making games without programming it will be really hard for you to learn programming and make a switch.