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  1. curious

    Is Panda.JS dead

    My concern is around the sample games in While the source code is public, they don't have a explicit license. I started building something around the endless runner example but now I may need to rewrite it if I don't get clarity around the licensing. It *might* be considered fair use to use the example, but I am not a lawyer.
  2. curious

    Is Panda.JS dead

    I posted a question a month ago about licenses for the example games (both here and on github), and I got no response. It appears enpu has not been active on either github or this forum since February. It looks like the Panda.js project is dead?
  3. Hi Enpu. I really like Panda.js and the example games. Thank you very much for creating it! I wanted to confirm that the code for the example games in is also MIT licensed? The examples are a great starting point for new games.. I understand that the graphics and sound assets probably have different terms, and can be replaced. So I am only asking about the license for the code, not the license for the assets. Keep up the good work!