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  1. So, with some googling i found this... the problem is, it's in TypeScript (I don't know what this is even)... I don't know how to implement this any time i try using this i get unexpected identifiers. (I also noticed this TypeScript language is really similar to c# lol). So how would i use this... I know this is very nooby but meh
  2. Hey so I wanted to know how to decide a resolution to render to and then downscale the render; specifically get the user's screen width, *3 and then scale it down to /3 to get a subpixel effect, using 3 times more available pixels (also if probably causing artifacts). I don't even know if this method works so i would really know how to do this/a working method.
  3. on windows 10 on visual studio 2015; with this new method i get another error, but its not babylonjs related.
  4. Never mind, I found using WebKit.NET a good way to do this
  5. Hey, I am making a program; I made a simple BabylonJS 3D thing to test, in chrome it opens fine, but adding "web browser" in visual studio gives like 10 script errors then loops back, and pressing no a bunch of times just loads the default blue background. Help me please :/
  6. Guys help please. A friend of mine made a model with sketchup so i exported it to dae and used blender to get the babylon file. heres a zip of the file with textures: File removed because it's apparently nothing to do with the problem
  7. Hey. Was planning to do something big with babylon, but realized that chrome has got some problem with using all the computer's specifications, and may lag twice as much than a normal appliaction, so I wanted to kow how to (if you can) modify the render distance. thanks.
  8. Hey people I'm new to the board and I wanted some help with an experiment I did. So, I wanted to see if the fur simulator worked well with cutom 3d models, so I exported a 3d model from a game. In this case I was testing with Donkey Kong. now, I have exported it in .babylon and it seems to work with sandbox. I downloaded the fur plgin and copied the debug layer to test, and after doing some tweaking I uploaded it to let the .babylon model load. After doing that I got http://goo.gl/fjm6w9 in the JS debug window I got an error saying "cannot set property material of undefined
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