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  1. Hello I currently have 2 games available for licensing. Word Craft and Tetrimino. Word Craft ( Find as many words as you can in the allotted time. Do this by tracing a line through the letters of the word you have in mind. When you release your mouse, the word will be counted if it is in the dictionary. You can connect letters that are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The string of letters must be in the correct order to count. Words start at two letters in length, and each correct word scores you points and rewards additional time. The game comes with a dictionary file so you can add additional words if needed and you are able to configure the letters that are generated so if you want more/less vowels/consonants this is possible. Tetrimino ( A remake/clone of the 1984 classic. The game is highly configurable to make game play as easy or as difficult as you like. Please contact me if you're interested. Regards, Paul.
  2. This made me LOL. I've just improved the dictionary to include plurals, this should make for better game play. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  3. It would be possible yes. The game uses a .txt file for the list of words so an alternative .txt file for additional languages would be created. As mentioned previously, the game uses a standard dictionary file so to add plural words wouldn't be an issue.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. The game uses a dictionary file so added plural words wouldn't be an issue. Thanks, Paul.
  5. Morning All, Thought i'd pop in and showcase my first HTML5/phaser game. It's a WIP, working with a vector artist for artwork and looking to introduce sounds next but super excited and thought i'd hopefully get some feedback from you some of you folk. You can play at It's a word game. You have 60 seconds on the clock and have to make as many words as you can, each correct word gives you a little time bonus. Please feel free to give me your feedback Kind Regards, Paul.
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    Hi all, New here, been a developer for nearly 10 years now but only recently got into html5 games (using Phaser) and have created a word game i'll be looking to showcase in the near future. Regards, Paul.