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  1. Isn't it possible to use chrome dev performance tab to check what is heavier on your game and try to optimize it?
  2. Its a really enjoyable way to learn, but I have no idea how the things I listened are written. I think adding a subtitle to the voice should be enough.
  3. It looks amazing and well polished. Reminded me a lot of Total Annihilation. Just two things bothered me: 1 - You can move the camera beyond the map and everything is just black and the air crafts are capable of flying over this dark area. I think it would be a nice visual touch to extend the map visually and draw a line on the border. 2 - On your trailer at 0:33 there are some ships shooting a target, as soon as they destroy it their angle shifts toward a new target without turning around. It would be nice to see the ship turning around to a new target instead of just bl
  4. Adding another book to the list: Game Programming Patterns I use things from this book all the time when writing games
  5. So far The pramatic programmer is my favorite programming book
  6. Otho

    [WIP] Prank

    My maps aren't that big. They are 2048x2048, so I am not having much problems with memory. I have a constant on my QuadTree that defines the size of the smallest destructible unit, but the game is working fine with 1. What I am having performance problems is rendering everything on screen. I am considering using PIXI js so it would use webgl instead of canvas2D, but I am not sure it will be worth the effort.
  7. Otho

    [WIP] Prank

    I use a quadTree for the collision and manipulate the image using Bresenham. I took these pictrue with the character at the same position, but one shows the quadtree and the other shows the image. They are not perfectly in sync, but it is good enough.
  8. Otho

    [WIP] Prank

    About: The game is called Prank and I am developing it alone in HTML5. The gameplay is inspired mostly by liero. Gameplay: You choose 5 weapons and try to kill the other players while destroying the terrain. Techinical: I have not used any framework or engine. I am programming it in Typescript and rendering things using canvas 2D, but I am considering to use some kind of render library to improve the game performance. At moment the game can only be played locally, but I want to add online multiplayer. I will post a link to the game in a f
  9. This is way harder than minesweeper, took me many tries to finish it. I just didn't like the floor tile, it is too easy to see the pattern
  10. Well made game, congratz. Feedback: * If you restart the game many times, some times there will be no sound * You can't turn the ships in all directions, just 2 * I think would be nice to have a little white between ships and their tile border * The game title is a link to the same page... is it really necessary?
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