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  1. Found the issue. Had copied code from another project. Had: this.player.body.velocity.y -= 400; in the jump function rather than: this.player.body.velocity.y = -400; Thanks for having a look @VitaZheltyakov
  2. Doesn't seem to be the case. InnerHeight on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (working as expected) is 556, innerWidth 1024. On the nook color (not working) innerHeight is 560, innerWidth 1024.
  3. Hi All, I've had a brief search of the forum and found some posts on mobile physics performance tweaks etc (and tried the suggestions), but haven't found a post regarding this specific issue. I'm using the Intel XDK (replaced phaser.js with 2.5). When testing through the emulator (and on 2 android devices) I find that gravity appears to act differently on some devices. I'm just making a basic touch to jump side scroller. The gravity seems extreme on some devices (HTC droid incredible, Lenovo K900, Motorola droid 2, motorola razr i, nook color and samsung galaxy s), i.e.
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